Veterans Day_Stock ArtOn Veterans Day, put out your flags, cheer the marchers at parades, and go to tributes.
But when you wake up the next day, Nov. 12, remember that it’s still Veterans Day
for our veterans — and it will be every day of their lives.

— Gen. Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.)

Join the Panhandle Post, Double Q Country, KCOW and B94.7 in saluting our veterans, past or present, in a dedication for their service for our freedom.

During the month of November, we want to hear your story, so please take a few moments to salute the veteran in your life.

We’ll update this page each weekday with your contributions.


Panhandle Post_Veterans Day Salutes_ Brett Cottrell“We would like to take this moment to thank our son -in-law, Brett Cottrell, Captain in the United States Navy for all your years of service we are so proud of you!” – Debbie Zumbahlen from Alliance, NE.

Panhandle Post_Veterans Day Salutes_ Don Magnuson“Don Magnuson served in WWII, but has a wonderful tie to WWI. He was born on November 11, 1918. Grandpa Don has always stood for what a Marine should be. He turns 95 today and I believe is the oldest Marine in Box Butte County. The picture is him last Birthday with all his Great Grandchildren.” – Sarah Meyer from Alliance, NE

“We have Freeburg and Reimers family to honor in our family who have been and still serving. They are our dad Russell Freeburg, brothers Dorwin Reimers, Larry Shelley, Gary Freeburg, niece Charlene Fangmeier, nephew Lee Freeburg, cousin Gerald Freeburg. We Love You for your time of service!! !!!” – Todd and Jane Freeburg from Dalton, NE

“Our son, Mike King.
Purple Heart recipient.
Tours in Iraq, Afghanistan.
Former Navy SEAL
Currently serving in the Reserves in Virginia Beach
So very Proud if him.”

Jennifer King from Alliance, NE

“Our heartfelt thanks to you, Captain Rob Martinez, USAF. Your service to our country is very much appreciated. We are very proud to call you our son. God bless you.” – Jenell & Mick Martinez from Alliance, NE

“First, I would like to thank KCOW for this special platform.
I sincerely wish to salute all those veterans I served, over 40-years
ago as your veterans administrative assistant under VSO, Pat Green, may
he rest in peace. I have never forgotten any of you and your stories
shared over coffee. Thank You.
Most important and closest to my heart is my dad, Edgar J. Erickson,
World War II Navy Veteran, who just yesterday turned 89 years old.
Everyday I look at this gentle War Hero, I am reminded of the gift of
freedom he gave to me so many years ago. I will always be grateful and
I am so proud to call him my Dad.

Carol(Erickson)Krohe from Alliance, NE

“I am so proud of my husband, Leroy “Fuzzy” Weare, a veteran of the US Navy serving in Vietnam and my son, Sean Henderson, still serving in the US Navy 10 years after enlisting in his high school senior year. Thank you so much for your service, guys!!” – Anne Henderson-Weare from Alliance, NE

Panhandle Post_Veterans Day Salutes_ Steven Holloway“We would like to honor our son, SFC Steven Holloway, for his sacrifice for our country. Steven served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and was wounded in action in January 2007, while saving the life of a gravely injured soldier. For his act of valor, he was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star Medal for exceptionally meritorious service.”

“We pray for God’s continued blessing on our son and on all the returning Wounded Warriors who have suffered more than we can ever imagine. Their bravery did not end when they came home, but continues each and every day of their lives. Please remember to keep them and their families in your prayers. GOD BLESS THE USA!!” – Ken & Susan Holloway from Alliance, NE

“Thank you Tanner Weisgerber for your service USMC!!! I’m proud to have served next to you!” – Rachelle Rowley from Alliance, NE

“I’d like to salute my father, John H. Cameron, who served in the U.S. Navy during WW II for 4 years, and then the U.S. Navy Reserve for 6 more years. He was such a wonderful example for my sons! He spent his last year living in Alliance, and passed away in June, 2008. Thank You, Dad!” – Anne Henderson-Weare from Alliance, NE

SSgt.Vance E. Raskiewicz started his time serving in the Air Force at the young age of 17. He left from Grand Haven, MI (his hometown) and attended basic training in San Antonio, Texas. “

“From basic training, he was stationed at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota in 1981, attached to the 44th Civil Engineering Squadron as a heavy equipment operator. After 4 yrs., he was then transferred to the 44th Transportation Squadron as a heavy equipment mechanic. In 1987, he was transferred to Comiso, Sicily Italy for a 1 yr. tour as a ground launch cruise missile support mechanic. Then he was reassigned back to Ellsworth AFB South Dakota in 1988. “

“Three years later, in the spring of 1991, he went to Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Storm. He was discharged honorably from the military in 1992, after an 11 yr. commitment.  He has graciously donated 2 of his uniforms to the Sallow’s Military Museum where they are on display now.  Thank you honey for all your sacrifices.” – Dawn Raskiewicz from Alliance, NE

Panhandle Post_Veterans Day Salutes_ 1st Lt Matt and Tonya Burke“Proud of our son and his wife. 1st Lt Matt and Tonya Burke, and salute to all those that have served!” – Barbara Burke from Lincoln, NE

“Thank you to my husband, Gary Goodell, for his 11 years of service in the Air Force. I am proud to be your wife!” – Mary Goodell from Alliance, NE

“I’d love to thank so many different vets but this one is closest to me and makes a big sister proud! SSGT. Aaron Meier has such great determination, skill, and knowledge. He is in the states today teaching in his specific field, but has served multiple tours and there is not enough words of thanks for all Aaron and the others have done!”  – Megan Meier from Rapid City, SD

“We would like to take this time to Salute the memory of Sgt. Clyde O. Fry, 9th Army Air Corp European Theater of Operations Division in WWII. Clyde served as an aircraft armorer and his duties were to load, site and change out the .50 caliber machine guns on the P-40 WarHawk Fighter Aircraft. He served his country from 1942-1945 in England, France, and Germany. Clyde passed away in 1972.”  Sherri & LeRoy Fry from Alliance, NE

“I would like to salute LeRoy F. Fry, my husband, who served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War (1968-1972). Thank you for your service and for protecting the freedoms we all enjoy today.” – Sherri Fry from Alliance, NE

“Just a note of appreciation to Gene Vejraska. Although he had many injuries I never heard a word of complaint. God’s blessings.” – Lois Meier from Alliance, NE

“A very proud uncle would like to say Thank You to Aaron Meier for his dedicated service to our Country’s Freedom as a Crew Chief on the C-130 Gunship having already served multiple deployments to Afghanistan.” – Greg Sederberg from Kissimmee, FL Panhandle Post_Veterans Day Salutes_ Sgt Desiree D Hoffman-Lancey“I would like to say THANK YOU to ALL Veteran’s past, present, and future for the sacrifices they’ve made. A grateful-heartfelt THANK YOU to the supportive family members that have had to endure the hardships that come with the unknowing whereabouts of their Solider or Marine during deployments.”

“I would like to salute my wife and friend, Sgt Desiree D Hoffman-Lancey, United States Army. She is scheduled to deploy, once again, to the Middle East for a year. No words could describe the pride I have in her military accomplishments and abilities as a leader. You will be missed and in our thoughts with every passing day until the kids and I can wrap our arms around you once again.” – Ryan Lancey from Huntsville, AL

Jim Steggall, we thank you for your service and are so blessed to have you in our lives…Matt is lucky to call you dad!”  – BethanyMidgett-Steggall from Clarksville, TN

Lewis Midgett, thank you for your military service and the 17 years you devoted to veteran affairs…I am so honored to call you dad and the kids are blessed to have such an amazing papa!” – BethanyMidgett-Steggall from Clarksville, TN

Panhandle Post_Veterans Day Salutes_SSG Matthew Steggall

“We are so proud of our soldier SSG Matthew Steggall…thank you for your 17 years of service and the sacrifices you have made on your six deployments…we love you!” – Bethany Midgett-Steggall from Clarksville, TN

“I would like to salute my friends Rosa and Manuel Vazquez for their continued service to our country and for all they have given for the betterment of ths great country. I would especially like to remember Luis Vazquez who lost his life while serving in the Air Force. Thank you to all our veterans for your service!!!!” – Rhonda Purviance from Alliance, NE

“Thank You SGT Marcoe for your Service. I had not ever had any idea of what it means to Serve. Now I know, I have been educated, and I am still learning. The hardships endured by Soldiers and their Families so that we can call ourselves Americans cannot be repaid. Not only Thank You to my husband but a Sincere Thank You SGT Henry Schultz, PFC Nicholas Pollack, SGT Sean McDonald, Jeremy Bishop (I apologize I do not know your rank,) Albert Martin, Angelo Martin, Antonio Martin, Sally Brown, Vincent Brown and to each and every one of the Soldiers that pass my desk daily. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you Make My Day. I Love You All and Thank You tmy Wonderful husband for allowing me into his life and yours as well. I am touched by every story. Thank You Donna Meier, for not letting our local Soldiers forget that their hometown appreciates and Honors them all.” – Denise Marcoe from Fort Carson, CO

“We want to commend our son-in-law, Jordan Parr-Hess, for his service in the United States Army.
Thanks to all the men and women who have made sacrifices for our freedom.” – Laura Furrow from Alliance, NE

“Many thanks and much appreciation to my son, SSgt. Aaron Meier, USAF, for his service to our country. I am proud to call him ‘son’.” – Donna Meier from Alliance, NE

“I’d like to thank Captain Jered N. Fry, U.S. Air Force, for your duty to our Country here in the States and overseas!! May God protect you & your comrades now and always!” – Sherri Fry from Alliance, NE

“Thank you Eric Anderson for serving our country.” – Kay Freeburg from Bayard, NE

“I would like to salute Russell Freeburg. He was in the Navy at the end of the Korean conflict. He was on a ship for a time and they delivered fuel and ave gas. Upon discharge from active duty, he has been an member for 60 years of the American Legion post 301. He has filled many positions in that organization. He has helped many other persons who have served our country in the military. At funerals, grave sites and markers,as well as getting information and help to persons who need assistance.He also makes shadow boxes to hold flags that have been presented to deceased family members. Thank you Russell for being a friend to your fellow Americans.” – Beulah Freeburg from Dalton, NE


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