Panhandle Trophy Hunters_Berklie Haag_Rushville1st Place – Berklie Haag (age 12) of Rushville

“This year on opening morning, I was sitting with my dad in our shooting blind. We had been sitting there for 30 minutes. A small buck walked out in front of us, but I wasn’t going to take him. Then out came my first buck and I killed him at 207 yards. We were going to go look at him, but I had another buck to get, and didnt want to scare any away. Two hours later, a doe came out; as usual a buck was on her heals. He did what every hunter dreams of. He stopped broadside at 175 yards, and I dropped him in his tracks. An opening morning double, doesn’t get any better than that!”


Panhandle Trophy Hunters_Tyler Hunter_Chadron2nd Place – Tyler Hunter of  Chadron

“First elk harvested. Shot in Bordeaux Unit of the Nebraska Panhandle. Found fresh tracks in the mud and followed them into a meadow and found this bull laying with 6 Cows and calves resting up before the big early October blizzard hit. Weather was cold, windy and rainy with an occasional snow flake falling down. Shot in lungs with Savage 16 rifle in 7mm WSM caliber at 306 yards. Gross score of 362 5/8 inches”

Panhandle Trophy Hunters_Hannah McCloud_Sidney3rd Place – Hannah McCloud of Sidney

“My dad and I saw this buck first thing Saturday morning through the spotting scope from the top of the butte we were on, of course he was across the field on the wrong side of the road, so we waited… and waited. The deer had been coming back up into those rough breaks when they get any pressure, but there’s so much corn still standing by Bridgeport they had their safe haven in the corn field. “

“After a couple hours of watching them we decided to go check some of our other places in the sand hills, where we walked for what seemed like forever. Came back before sunset and they were still in that cornfield. Sunday morning we went back to that same butte where we were the day before, and spotted him coming out of the tree row and coming across the cornfield towards another buck. We hurried down the butte and snuck through the trees and watched him keep coming towards us. He got out to about 27

5 yards and started to turn towards the other buck getting ready to chase him off. After watching him for a bit you could see he wasn’t going to get any closer, so I took the shot. After paying our dues and working our butts off opening morning I had this guy on the ground by 7:15 Sunday morning. When I checked him in, the game warden said he was about 300 pounds live weight, and the taxidermist aged him at about 7 ½ and scored roughly 175″ . I couldn’t be happier!”

Panhandle Trophy Hunter_Final Round