Posted 11 months ago

By John Forsee

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (AP) — A farm implement plant in Grand Island intends to cut nearly 240 more jobs.

CNH Industrial American on Thursday said the layoffs of 170 full-time company staffers and 68 agency employees assigned to the plant will be put on indefinite layoff. The layoffs are expected to begin in October and be completed in November.

CNH North America spokeswoman Kathleen Prause (prows) says the layoffs reflect the declining market demands for its equipment. In May the company said it would cut 200 third-party agency positions because of reductions in orders. The plant makes combine harvesters and self-propelled windrowers.

Prause said Friday that those 200 positions have not been restored. She declined to how many people will be employed at the plant after the fall layoffs are completed.

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