Posted 12 months ago

By Post Staff

The Alliance Chamber of Commerce office was recently contacted by Team Spirit Promotions of Rock Island, Illinois to be a distribution point for products in which Team Spirit sells ad space on dry erase magnetic boards.

However, in checking with the Better Business Bureau, this company has not followed through with a completed, quality product.

According to the Better Business Bureau’s web site: “Through BBB’s ongoing investigation into this company, BBB has learned that Team Spirit Promotions targets various towns throughout the United States and claim to be affiliated with the town’s local Chamber of Commerce. The BBB has spoken to a number of Chambers regarding the company’s misrepresentation and not one of them had authorized Team Spirit to use their name or affiliation.”

Team Spirit Promotions solicits to small business owners the opportunity to purchase ad space on community magnets. The magnet boards are allegedly fundraisers for local high schools.

The Better Business Bureau has received 47 complaints against the company, and on a scale of F to A+, they rate the company an F.

The Alliance Public Schools have not been contacted by Team Spirit Promotions about issuing such products, and are not associated with the company in any way.

The Alliance Chamber of Commerce is not associated with Team Spirit Promotions in any way. Any business or entity contacted by Team Spirit is advised to end any and all communication immediately.

More information from the BBB at: