Posted 12 months ago

By Post Staff

Shelterbelt-1Anyone interested in adding trees to their landscape is encouraged to attend a free windbreak planning & design workshop coming up next week in Chadron.

It will be  Thursday August 21 at the Gil Nitsch residence, east of Chadron at 201 Pineview Road.

It will begin at 10:00 am and conclude around 2:00 pm with a free lunch provided courtesy of Mark Frost and the NYP Corporation. RSVP by August 19 to 308.432.6190.

The workshop is sponsored by the Nebraska Forest Service, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District.

Doak Nickerson, Northwest District Forester with the Nebraska Forest Service, drives home the importance of trees and shelterbelts.

“Northwest Nebraska is a windy place.  Slowing the wind requires more trees…young, old and everything in between.  You’ll never have too many trees in wind country.”


Topics to be covered include:

    • Planning a New Windbreak
    • Cost Share Programs
    • Tree and Shrub Variety Selection
    • Finding the place to supply your tree needs
    • Windbreak Renovation
    • Site Preparation
    • Care and Maintenance
    • Equipment Demonstrations
      • Root Plow
      • Fabric Installation Machine
      • Tree Planting Machine
      • Fabric Removal