Posted 12 months ago

By Post Staff

The 2014 Dawes County Fair in Chadron ends today. The schedule is light with exhibit checkout running from 9 till noon and cleanup of the 4-H livestock area from 9-till-1:00

Ending the fair will be the 4-H Livestock Sale at 6:30, preceded by a buyers supper at 5:30. The sheep, poultry, and rabbit sale was held earlier in the week.

The Livestock Sale is always an emotional time for the young sellers who have raised their animals to be sold, but often can’t help developing an attachment to them.

The sale is vital to the 4-H members as a good price means spending money, covering all the bills of raising the animal, and funds to purchase one for next year.

Many, if not most, buyers pay well over market prices for the 4-H animals to show their support for the program and the young farmers and ranchers.