Posted 1 year ago

By Corey Sorenson

Nebraska Games and Parks LogoLINCOLN — A 5-month-old female mountain lion was shot south of Chadron in Dawes County on Saturday, July 19.

A man reported noticing the animal crouched in the grass about 20 yards from his residence, where two young children were present on a patio. The man retrieved a rifle from the house and approached the animal, then shot it when it stood but did not flee. The mountain lion weighed approximately 30 pounds.

As required by law, the man immediately notified authorities after the animal was shot. The Dawes County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the scene, investigated the incident, and took possession of the mountain lion, which was transferred to Nebraska Game and Parks officials the next day. Authorities determined the man acted within the law in killing the animal.

  • robert

    Where is good OLD Ernie Chambers? Who says these cats don’t bother humans? Maybe Games and Parks should package up this cat and send it to him. Than turn a couple live and hungry cats loose in his office.

    • M Ronoco

      your an idiot robert

  • chad

    Guess we could of tranquilized it but that sounds to humane…. We are an evil species