Posted 1 year ago

By Post Staff

Game and Parks -2Nebraska Game and Parks says a mountain lion was unintentionally killed in a trap in Sioux County last month. The state wildlife agency says the trap was set by USDA APHIS Wildlife Services in an attempt to remove coyotes from a cattle pasture.

The cougar was found dead in the snare when it was checked on June 22. Officials say the gender of the cougar could not be determined with certainty because the warm weather led to rapid decomposition, but tooth measurements and pelt coloration are consistent with a young adult female.

Final determination of gender will be made through genetic analysis.

  • Robert

    Rapid decomposition ? I would wonder when was the last time the snare had been checked, or does this person have different set of rules to go by? It reads in Nebraska trapping laws must be checked daily.

  • James C.Weber

    Hasn’t been too long since another cat was killed near Chadron. As far as checking traps daily, the guys with the NRD’s have a lot of territory to travel. They aren’t trapping for profit, they are trapping to reduce depradation. I have used the personell to trap beaver that were damaging trees along our place, these guys are conscientious and do the best they can. I have also used private trappers to alleviate the problem, they don’t always check them on time either. Be kind of interesting to show Senator Chambers these last two kills, beings he wants to protect all the mountain lions, the one near Chadron was a justified kill, and this one seems to bolster the point there are a lot more lions than we know about. One less lion crouching in a yard doesn’t bother me in the least!