Posted 1 year ago

By Corey Sorenson


Thanks for submitting your favorite trail cam photos and congratulations to Judy Ryan of Chadron!

We have your Double Q Country “Trail Cam Giveaway” prize back boxed up and ready to go. It includes a Bushnell Natureview Cam HD Trail Camera ($580 value), two tickets to Montgomery Gentry and the 2014 Cattlemen’s Ball ($150 value) and two $20 Cabela’s coupons ($40 value)!

  • The Bushnell Natureview records video and images in breathtaking high definition and delivers the sharpest views by recording in True 1080p.
  • The 2014 Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska will be Saturday, June 7th in Banner County at the Hoot Owl Ranch.
  • The $20 off Cablea’s coupons on good towards an in-store purchase of $150 or more. Offer expires July 9, 2014.

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Brody Roes of Alliance: Pair of Coyotes traveling through in search of there next meal after a long blizzard the night before!
Trail Cam_Judy Ryan
Judy Ryan of Chadron: Nebraska elk bath time!
My beautiful picture
Daniel Anderson of Hemingford: Trail cam set up at a Guzzler (water source), where mineral blocks were also placed for wildlife. Whitetail doe stretching to get to the mineral block at the same time mother raccoon gets in a lick too!
Trail Cam_Sandy Hamaker
Sandy Hamaker of Crawford: A Doe with twin fawns had her “hoofs” full with them being
adventurous and “Double Trouble”!
Trail Cam_Jennifer Setter
Jennifer Setter of Alliance: This photo war taken after a spring snow storm last year with the tom turkey in full strut, showing his strength and pride despite the conditions. Eveyone shall overcome adversity. We have trail cameras out year round and this picture has been my favorite of all the pictures for the last year.
Junior Dyer of Alliance: My Trail camera captured these two hawks in flight chasing each other.
Trail Cam_Dan Swanson
Dan Swanson of Hemingford: Set out several trail cams to get some pics of deer and got this thing captured on a photo. Any idea what it is? I know.
Trail Cam_Jeremy Holthus
Jeremy Holthus of Hyannis: This picture was caught on a trail cam north of Hyannis. I have often felt that the deer always mock me when I’m hunting and this picture proves it! This doe obviously was sticking her tongue out at me.

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