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By Corey Sorenson

Walking through the woods by akroness, on Flickr

LINCOLN – On April 30, Nebraskans from across the state will make time to walk for 30 minutes at lunchtime.

In doing so, they’ll take part in National Walk at Lunch Day, an annual event intended to encourage participants to engage in healthy lifestyle choices. Participants will also help raise money for the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation.

For every organization that registers walkers for the annual event, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska will contribute $20 to the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation and the Special Olympics Nebraska. The Foundation will use donations to develop and improve hiking and biking trails. The $8,000 generated last year for Game and Parks led to the construction of new trails at Platte River State Park.

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska is dedicated to promoting healthy living across Nebraska,” said Kathy Nellor, wellness business consultant at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. “As a result, it makes sense to support the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation and its biking and hiking statewide trails system.”

All together, the Game and Parks statewide system offers more than 1,200 miles of trails.

“The Game and Parks Foundation is grateful for the support of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska and this annual event,” said Roger Kuhn, Parks Division Administrator for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “National Walk at Lunch Day helps enhance our trails, which in turn enhance our state park system.”

Schools, businesses, organizations and individuals can visit to register. Participants can choose a convenient time and place to walk – perhaps one of the state’s many trails.

In 2013, more than 57,000 Nebraskans registered to take a 30-minute walk at lunch. Most walked with their business or school, and in all, more than 360 organizations participated. This year, Blue Cross and Blue shield of Nebraska is hoping to register 62,700 walkers, a 10 percent increase from last year.

Walking is part of a healthy lifestyle that can lower the risk of heart disease, increase weight loss and improve sleep.

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