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FLICKR_Mountain Lion by USFWS Mountain PrairieOmaha Senator Ernie Chambers failed again this morning in his attempt to have the Unicameral override Governor Dave Heineman’s veto of a bill banning mountain lion hunting in the state.

Chambers’ first override try yesterday fell 6 votes short of the 30 needed, while a revote this morning still left him 2 votes shy at 28-21 as all 49 senators took part.

Chambers, a well-known animal advocate who calls mountain lions “regal”, argued again that the population of the big cats in Nebraska is so small that management isn’t necessary.

Yesterday, he accused the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission of wanting the hunting season just to sell permits and make money. He also attacked hunters as wanting to kill for the love of killing and so they can have a trophy.

Governor Heineman argued in his veto message that state wildlife officials should have the power to regulate the mountain lion population through a controlled hunting season.

Nebraska approved its mountain lion hunting season in 2012. Mountain lions are native to Nebraska, but were wiped out by early settlers.

Cats from the Black Hills began finding their way into the Pine Ridge in the 1990’s and have formed a resident population of about 20 animals.

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    Chambers comments about hunters is a comment of an idiot