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The Box Butte County Jr. Leaders 4-H Club challenged local students to “Discover 4-H” by sponsoring a coloring contest. The celebration of Nebraska 4-H Month ended by awarding the winners with a plush 4-H animal. Prizes were awarded to the top entry in each elementary grade in Hemingford, Emerson, Grandview and St. Agnes Academy.

The winners are: Emerson: Cali Acosta, Calan West, Madeline Huss ; Grandview: Tatum Bossell, Ashlynn Chipperfield, Morgan Young; Hemingford: Emma Hitchcock, Macie Vallejo, Cody Galles, Madisen Meek, Jayda Meyring, Madison Swanson, Rayne Jespersen, Maggie Moss; St. Agnes Academy: Chano Montes, Morgan LeMunyan, Delaney Childers, Lilly Wagner.

4-H is a youth development program offered for youth ages 5 – 18 as of January 1. Many projects and learning opportunities are available to help youth build skills for life while having hands-on fun. Information on how to involve your child in the Box Butte County program can contact 4-H Coordinator, Deb Kraenow at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Office at 415 Black Hills, Alliance or phone 762-5616.

4_H #1 _ March 10

Front:  L/R:  Cali Acosta, Delaney Childers

Middle: L/R:  Morgan Young, Morgan LaMunyan, Ashlynn Chipperfield

Back L/R:  Jr. Leader Members Cherokee Purviance, News Reporter and Krista Carter, President

4_H #2 _ March 10

Tatum Bossell

4_H #3 _ March 10

Front L/R:   Madisen Meek, Emma Hitchcock, Cody Galles, Macie Vallejo

Back L/R:   Madison Swanson, Rayne Jespersen, Maggie Moss, and Jayda Meyring