Posted 1 year ago

By Post Staff

UNL 14 Economics Outlook meeting logoThe 9th annual Cornhusker Economics Outlook meeting series gets started today in Sidney and Chadron, the first of 9 sessions across the state. The Sidney meeting is from 9-11:30 at the Holiday Inn while the Chadron session is at the Dawes County Fairgrounds from 2:30-5:00.

The meetings are free with the series support of the Nebraska Corn Board and the Great Western Bank along with several local sponsors.

The outlook meetings offer a concise, fast-paced discussion of crop, livestock, policy, and land outlook for farmers and ranchers from 3 UNL Extension specialists.

Livestock Ecoomist Kate Brooks focuses on market analysis and production economics, recently leading a study of livestock industry trends in Nebraska and opportunities for growth.

Cory Walters is a new Extension Crop Economist whose expertise is in crop marketing and risk management, with substantial research on crop marketing and crop insurance strategies and decisions.

Policy Specialist Brad Lubben will provide perspectives on the policy environment in Washington and the long-awaited farm bill to help producers effectively combine farm programs, crop insurance, and marketing strategies for success.

Local UNL Extension Educators will provide additional input with a discussion of current land and leasing economics while assessing them for producers.