Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

The Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) Board of Trustees meeting held Monday, December 23 was short and sweet for the holidays; with the hospital CEO Dan Griess’s report about the latest construction developments the highlight of the evening. He touched on a special Trustee meeting held December 16, where the board approved a resolution for the selling of revenue bonds for the interim construction financing through First National Bank of Omaha in the amount $28,750,000. He said the decision keeps the hospital on pace for the closing of the finance package. “We want the paperwork completed by this Friday, December 27, and we hope to meet that goal,” he said. Other construction highlights is the fact that construction has slowed due to the cold weather with the exception of KL Wood, which is responsible for the relocation of utilities. They are currently installing storm sewers. Internally, the hospital has installed a vestibule at the temporary main entrance, and is working to install security cameras with the help of Mobius Communications. The hospital will soon be closing off traffic to the southwest door of Suite 2107 where the cashier’s office is, with the new access point being the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab entrance. He added that the basement excavation has slowed due to the cold weather, which hinders efficient operation of excavators.

BBGH COO Lori Mazanec continued her duties as interim Controller by presenting the November financials. The month closed with a change in net position of $212,500. Total Patient Service Revenue of $3,552,000 came in $117,000 short of projections. Year-to-date patient service revenues are just a half-percent behind budget. Compared to one year ago, revenues have increased by just under a half-million dollars. November operating expenses were $199,000, or 8.0%, under budget. Year-to-date expenses continue to look favorable and remain under budget by $503,000 or 4.0%.  November’s operating income totaled $193,000, over twice what was budgeted. The hospital’s year-to-date operations have increased $753,000, which is $454,000 ahead of budget.  Taken together with revenue from non-operating sources, year-to-date change in net position stands at $808,000, 90.0% higher than the projected $426,000 increase.

The rest of the board’s agenda included the following items:

Mr. Griess recognized Judy Rodell of The Rehab & Wellness Center for being named the December Employee of the Month. Just one new employee, Stevie Stinnette, Admissions Clerk, was introduced to the Trustees.

After unanimous approval of the Consent Calendar, the Trustees heard Special Services Director Mary Mockerman present the monthly Quality Management and Safety report. She discussed an Emergency Care Research Institute report that focused on the top 10 causes of errors related to technology. The top error listed related to a subject she has talked about before; medical equipment alarm fatigue. Also discussed was the fact that the hospital plans to institute a policy where patients can contact their nurses via a hospital issued cell phone. Designed to improve communication between patients and nursing care staff, this new technology will become available as part of the new nurse call system to be installed in the rooms within the new addition. Influenza in Nebraska has seen a bit more activity, which is normal this time of year. Also discussed was the annual Fire Marshall inspection which Ms. Mockerman said was satisfactory, especially considering ongoing construction.

A brief report was given by Chief of Staff Dr. Tim Narjes. He said the medical staff has discussed requirements related to the continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act regarding supervision of outpatient therapy services. BBGH will need to be compliant with the upcoming Medicare requirements beginning January 2014.

Mr. Griess ran through a list of forms the board had to complete over the coming month, including: The annual Board Member Self-Assessment Questionnaire, used to assess individual Trustee performance; a conflict of interest form each member has to fill out and return to Administration; and the need for the board to complete Mr. Griess’s annual performance evaluation, which is due in January. He also reminded the Trustees that the Rural Nebraska Healthcare Network is holding its next Governance meeting January 6 at the Community Center in Bridgeport. He asked the Trustees to RSVP if they hadn’t already done so.

After unanimously approving the monthly credentialing requests, the board set the next regular meeting for Monday, January 27, at 7:00 pm in the Alliance Room at BBGH. As always the public is invited to attend. The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.