Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

The City of Alliance has received its share of criticism for its efforts in snow removal on residential streets.

Following the December 4 storm that dropped a foot of snow on Alliance, only the snow routes had been cleaned until earlier this week.

City Manager J.D. Cox addressed the issue with the city council Thursday night and stated that, with this particular storm, it turned out to be a lose-lose situation.

Cox says the city had hoped that warmer weather would follow the Dec. 4 snowfall, thus melting away the packed snow on the residential streets. That did not happen, turning the streets into skating rinks. He says despite the criticism for not plowing the streets, there are other residents that don’t want the side streets plowed, because it results in their cars being blocked by resulting snow piles.

Cox says that in response to the angry complaints from citizens that are on both sides of the issue, he and public works director Mike Hulquist will review the snow removal protocol for the residential streets … which may mean getting as many vehicle owners as possible to remove their cars from the residential streets.

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  • Tyson

    Maybe start putting the blade down on the ground might help. Its ridiculous that the plows aren’t out removing the slush from the streets after these storms when the weather warms up a bit. Expecting “mother nature” to take care of it is a poor excuse. When there is that much snow, plow the streets. That is what I at my taxes for. “Mother nature” sure isn’t paying my taxes so why should “mother nature” clear the streets? Quit making excuses and do your damn jobs.

  • taxpayer

    I agree!! And if you would let people know ahead of time, I think most would remove vehicles off streets, if they can. Don’t wait until after the fact and complain about how hard it is with vehicles on the streets. A lot of sidewalks are also terrible. But why expect homeowners to clean them when the city doesn’t do there job on the streets.