Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Drug arrestChadron police arrested three people Tuesday night on child abuse and drug charges, with 3 minor children placed in the custody of Nebraska Health and Human Services.

31 year old Tara Broberg, 25 year old Marcus Bordeaux and 22 year old Justin Lame were all taken into custody for felony child abuse, felony possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Police say the incident began with the serving of search warrant at one Chadron residence that led to information about drugs in a mobile home on the other side of town.

Officers seized a small amount of marijuana and two “snort tubes” that field-tested positive for meth.

The three children were living in the mobile home…which was described by officers as in “very poor” condition without an operational heating system.

Instead, the occupants were heating the trailer with a number of electric space heaters and a 150,000 BTU garage/outdoor tube-style propane heater in the kitchen near the main hallway with 3 propane bottles nearby.

The secondary exit of the mobile home was partially blocked by clothing and other items, several areas inside had exposed electrical wiring, and one room had a large hole in the floor leading directly to the exposed ground under the trailer house.

Chadron police were assisted by the Nebraska State Patrol, the Dawes County Attorney’s Office and the WING HIDTA Drug and Violent Crime Task Force…which is partially funded through a grant from the Nebraska Crime Commission.