Posted 2 years ago

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The Chadron State College theater department opens a 7-city children’s theater grade school tour of the Panhandle today with performances in Hay Springs and Gordon-Rusville. The tour is sponsored by the Chadron Library Foundation

Department head Roger Mays offers a Children’s Theatre Workshop each year, but takes it on the road only every three years.  He says the idea is to give the students they’re visiting a chance to get excited about theater while giving his own students some hands-on experience with a possible career option.

The Chadron State tour has a classroom component with a roughly 60-page study guide prepared by the college students that includes a variety of exercises such as crafts, coloring pages, links, holidays, customs, alphabets, word puzzles and science experiments.

Mays is always excited about the Children’s Theatre Workshop tour, but is even more so with this year’s…titled “The World by the Tale”…because the 12 students themselves created the various scenes from folk stories from around the world.


CSC faculty member and technical designer Scott Cavin created a special traveling set for the tour that sets up with lights and sound in less than 90-minutes and is strong enough for the show’s dance numbers. Mays says the design is perfect for keeping the various folk tales separate.


Mays says the result is a style known as story theater, which uses dialogue, action and improvisation to portray some of the cultural, geographical, mythological, artistic and musical history of the various countries.

The tour is scheduled to avoid taking the college students away from their other classes, with two performances a day on 3 consecutive Thursdays before Thanksgiving before the final one at the college on the Thursday after Thanksgiving. .

Next week’s performances will be in Hemingford and Alliance, followed on the 21st by Crawford and Harrison. Elementary students from all the Chadron-area schools and those who are home-schooled will attend the December 5th performance at the college.