Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

WING meth bust The Wing Drug Task Force received some unexpected good news to start the week: notification from the Nebraska Crime Commission that its federal funding is more than doubling from $70,000 to $160,000.

Chadron Police Chief Tim Lordino is the WING project coordinator. He thinks the Crime Commission approved the big jump because of the special challenges faced by WING…including the size of its rural area, the distance to federal law enforcement agencies, and the level of drug dealers in its cases.

Scotts Bluff County Sheriff Mark Overman is the WING project director. He agrees with Lordino that who and what the task force focuses on…including dealers tied to drug cartels…were important factors in the increased funding.

Overman says the cooperative nature of the task force…8 entities providing 11 investigators who work closely with federal and other partners…is also important, as has been the willingness of the WING members to step up their funding during several years of reduced federal funding.

Overman says the additional federal funding is great news for the local governments because it means they won’t have to supply as much taxpayer money to help cover the operational costs.


  • Bill

    Overman does not understand where money comes from. Federal, state, or local it all comes from the same place US TAXPAYERS