Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Cattle snow NCAThe committee created to distribute the Cattlemen’s Relief Fund, created to help ranchers in Dawes and Sioux counties who lost livestock in the blizzard earlier this month, has set its priorities and begun accepting applications for help.

The Fund was created through the Chadron Community Foundation, and Foundation President Steve Cleveland says about $30,000 has come in so far.

The fund committee spent the past 2 weeks gathering information on the extent and types of losses to help set the priorities, and Cleveland says the members decided to focus on the most-pressing needs right now and not the eventual need to replace cattle lost to the storm.

Instead, the four priorities set are the immediate needs of ranch families impacted by cattle losses, financial help with carcass disposal, emergency fence repair, and the costs of emergency feed and treating ill animals.

Copies of the form to apply for money from the fund or to nominate someone else to be a recipient are available from the UNL Extension Office in Chadron at 250 Main Street or from the First National Bank of Chadron at 2nd and Main.

Questions about the fund, the form, and the priorities should be directed to Cleveland…who is president of the bank…at his office 308-432-5552 or online at

Cleveland says donations to the Cattlemen’s Relief Fund are also still being actively sought because the more money in the fund, the more ranch families that can be helped.