Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Neb Supreme Court-1The Nebraska Supreme Court has ordered a new trial for a Wyoming man sentenced to life in prison for killing a Colorado man in the Panhandle and hiding his body.

42-year-oldĀ  Vencil Ash III of Cheyenne was convicted last year of first-degree murder in Kimball County District Court for shooting Ryan Guitron of Fort Collins to death in 2003 at an abandoned farm in rural Kimball County

Ash’s wife, 25-year-old Kelly Meehan-Ash, was initially charged with aiding and abetting and was set to stand trial with her husband.But days before the couple’s trial, she cut a deal in which she agreed to testify against Ash

The state’s high court said Friday that Ash’s requests to postpone the trial so he could prepare a defense against his wife’s testimony should have been granted.

The 30-year old Guitron went missing in October 2003 and according to Meehan’s testimony at Ash’s trial…she and Ash were a couple and friends with Guitron when they went to the Kimball County farm together in October 2003.

Meehan testified that while they were there, Ash shot and killed Guitron after finding her undergarments among Guitron’s possessions.

She said she helped him bury the body under a woodpile, but remorse and a falling out with Ash led her to contact police in April 2010. She then led them to the body.


  • noname

    Why is he getting a retrial when she led police to the body? IF he didn’t do it, WHO did?? I think this is a prime example of an over-sympathetic system. This case has gone on for years, when I sincerely doubt that more than a few hours went into thinking of how he would do the murder… I thought life in prison was a little generous.