Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

OST President Bryan Brewer

OST President Bryan Brewer

The Oglala Sioux TribE is laying off 118 people after running out of federal money for many programs due to the federal government shutdown.The furloughs represent about 7% of tribal employees.

Tribal President Bryan Brewer says that although temporary, the layoffs will hurt programs that provide meals to older people, prevent suicide, care for children removed from their homes and help people with heating bills.

Brewer says in addition to the layoffs, many other tribal employees will see their paychecks cut because they will work fewer hours...adding that even if the government shutdown ends soon, it will take a month or more for federal funding to work its way through the system to restore the programs.

Other American Indian tribes around the nation have already furloughed employees for crucial programs as a result of the shutdown.