Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Benjamin_E._Sasse_PhotoThe President of Midland University in Fremont stopped in Alliance on October 9 — not to promote his college and the fact that its enrollment has reached record levels — but to introduce himself as a candidate to represent Nebraska in the United States Senate.

41-year-old Ben Sasse, a Republican, is hoping to succeed Mike Johanns, who will retire in about 15 months.

Sasse, a Nebraska native, was named president of Midland Lutheran four years ago and was only 37 years old at the time.

Sasse says he was encouraged to run for U.S. Senate by several people due mostly becaues of what has been described as a dysfunctional Washington, DC.

Click on the left side of each black bar to access audio of Ben Sasse as he addressed several topics with Panhandle Post.

Sasse on his background

Sasse on his four years as Midland University in Fremont president

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