Posted 2 years ago

By Corey Sorenson

Miley Cyrus_Wrecking Ball_Video Screen Shot

LONDON (AP) — It’s apparently Miley Cyrus’ way of saying: “thanks, but no thanks.”

She has mocked former pop star Sinead O’Connor for her advice about being exploited for her sexuality. A little background is needed here. Recently Cyrus told reporters she had modeled her “Wrecking Ball” video on O’Connor’s song “Nothing Compares 2 U.” So, O’Connor posted an open letter to Cyrus warning her that she needs to protect herself against having the music industry sexually exploit her. O’Connor says she was disturbed that Cyrus seems to think its cool “to be naked and licking sledgehammers” in her videos.

Cyrus suggested O’Connor was disturbed — in another sense. Cyrus responded on Twitter by mentioning O’Connor’s struggles with bipolar disorder. In one tweet, Cyrus wrote: “Before Amanda Bynes…There was…” — then posted O’Connor’s own tweets about seeking psychiatric help.