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School Board Meeting Room

1604 Sweetwater Avenue

October 3, 2013 – 7:00 p.m.


– Call to Order

– Roll Call

– Open Meetings Act Announcement

– Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

A. Introduction of New Employee

Brenda Thomas – Library Clerk

B. Consent Calendar

C. City Manager’s Report

D. Ordinance No. 2741 – First Reading

Rezoning Request of Scott Bolinger

Ordinance No. 2741 is before Council on first reading. Scott Bolinger is requesting the rezoning of Lot 28, County Addition to the City of Alliance from R-1 (Single Family Residential) to R-3 (Multi-Family Residential). The property is the location of the former Central School Building. The Alliance Planning Commission at their September 10, 2013 meeting recommended approval of the rezoning.

E. Ordinance No. 2742 – First Reading

Refuse Rates

Following the adoption of the new refuse rates which were established at our last meeting, it was determined the commercial rate class needed to be defined by container size, of which we have two sizes; and the asbestos disposal fee was omitted. Staff has prepared a corrected ordinance to include these changes and is requesting Council consider waiving the reading of the ordinance on three different dates.

F. Ordinance No. 2740 – Third Reading

Water Rates

Ordinance No. 2740 is before Council on third reading and will amend the Alliance Municipal Code with regard to water rate revisions. The Ordinance was amended to reflect the rates outlined in Scenario 2.

G. Resolution No. 13-100 – Library Policies

Resolution No. 13-100 will adopt the updated Alliance Public Library Policies, Regulations and Procedures as recommended by the Alliance Library Board. A complete legal review has been conducted and the recommended changes are reflected utilizing highlights and strike-outs for your convenience.

H. Resolution No. 13-101 – Sidewalk Replacement Program

Resolution No. 13-101 will change the City’s current Sidewalk Replacement Program by modifying the method of payment for the City’s participation. The new process will allow the property owner to select their own contractor for their project and the City will contribute $200 per cubic yard.

† Added by addendum to agenda 24 hours prior to the meeting October 2, 2013

I. Resolution No. 13-102 – Use of LB840 within Box Butte County

This resolution will adopt the recommendation of the Economic Development Plan Citizens’ Advisory Board to approve a policy clarification for the use of LB840 funds. The clarification will allow the use of LB840 funds outside the immediate Alliance area and within Box Butte County.

J. Board Vacancies

The City of Alliance continues to have vacancies on the Board of Adjustment, Community Garden Advisory Board, and the Economic Development Plan Application Review Board. Anyone interested in serving on these Boards should contact the City Clerk’s Office. Information on all of the City Boards is also available on our web site,

K. Recap Actions

– Adjournment