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911EmergencyThe state of Nebraska last Friday kicked off a study of 911 service in the state and the transition to the next generation of 911 services…the so-called Next-Gen 911, which Next-Gen 911 provides additional means such as text-messaging to reach 911 call centers.

As part of the study, the consulting firm MCP…Mission Critical Partners…is holding a series of 7 public input meetings around the state…including one on Tuesday in Chadron from 3-7:00 at the Chadron City Council Chambers.

Nebraska Public Service Commissioner Vap of McCook says MCP wants local government officials, other interested parties, and private citizens to come out, ask questions, and give their opinion on how 911 services are operating and how they can be improved.

Although the PSC is publicizing the meetings, Vap of McCook…whose district includes the Panhandle…says the commission isn’t involved in the study itself.

“We’ve pretty much stayed completely out of it. The direction of the legislature is to be an independent study, so the commission doesn’t really get involved in at all from the standpoint of providing guidance for what they look at.  That’s entirely up to them; we want it to be an independent study.”

Vap says the commission will get involved when MCP completes the Next-Gen 911 study. “We will eventually get a report that we will pass on to the Legislature’s Telecommunications and Transportation Committee for their action, if any. ”

MCP will be returning to the Panhandle for another of its 911 study meetings next month with one in Gering on Tuesday October 7th from 3-to-7:00 at the Gering City Hall.

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