Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Crazy Horse MemorialThe Crazy Horse Memorial…the massive rock carving near Custer…marks the Labor Day weekend and the traditional end of the summer tourism season with an open house through Monday.

Residents of the tri-state area get in free with a donation of three cans of food per person (or a comparable cash donation) for the KOTA Care & Share Food Drive requested

Native American artists will be featured through the visitor complex the entire weekend and the laser light media show will continue each evening.

Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski accepted an invitation from Chief Henry Standing Bear and other Lakota leaders in 1947 to create a giant mountain carving of Crazy Horse, work that started in 1948 and continues today…over 30 years after the death of its creator.

Being carved in the round, when completed the horseback image of Crazy Horse will be the largest carving in the world…563-feet high and 641-feet long.  The face of Crazy Horse was completed and dedicated in 1998 with much of the horse’s head now roughed out.