Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Donald UtterA Crawford man learned the hard way Sunday night that alcohol, a gun, and being mad at your dog is a bad combination.

48-year old Donald D-J Utter was arrested without incident on a variety of charges after firing off a pistol and telling a responding Dawes County Sheriff’s deputy that his dog had gotten out of the yard too many times and “he was going to take care of it.”

Sheriff Karl Dailey says the deputy responded to a citizens call about a gunshot and made contact with Utter, who was armed, about 9:15.

Dailey says Utter surrendered without incident and was arrested on charges of consuming alcohol on public property, discharging a firearm inside the Crawford city limits, attempted cruelty to animals, disturbing the peace, and other weapons offenses.

The dog was not harmed and Utter was released on bond after being taken to the Dawes County Jail.


  • Betty

    This man should not of been let out of jail. Firing a pistol at an animal within city limits with people often outside and homes in the neighborhood could of resulted in murder of a person or the animal. This man should have ALL firearms taken away from him. His drinking in combo with a Macho attitude that “he was going to take care of it” is scary. He is also a volunteer fireman in our community. With his drinking I would not want him responding to a call to help me or driving the ambulance with me in it, he obviously cannot make good decisions. Crawford Fire Department NEEDS to consider this.

  • Krista

    I am SHOCKED they returned the dog to this man!!!!! The judge might as have shot the dog rather than give it back to the owner :( This disgusts me!