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The old Toad's Lounge building at 2nd and Box Butte Avenue.

The old Toad’s Lounge building at 2nd and Box Butte Avenue.

The City of Alliance has given notice that the old Toad’s Lounge building at Second and Box Butte has been condemned and must be demolished.

In a letter dated July 23, the city informed the building’s owners, Sandhills Sustainability of Berkley, California, that the structure has become unfit for human occupancy and poses a danger to the public.

In the letter, city manager J.D. Cox states that the building was inspected by the city engineer, and was deemed unsafe because it is so damaged, decayed, dilapidated, structurally unsafe, and foundationally unstable.

The southeast corner of the building has shifted to such a degree that it is no longer adequately supports the walls and ceiling above it,” Cox wrote. “The roof is no longer covered in sheeting or other protective material, causing the interior ceiling to sag from leakage and poses a threat to total ceiling collapse. Areas of the floor have also been rotted to the floorboards.”

Cox adds that due to a lack of maintenance and the degree of disrepair, it is vermin infested, contaminated with filth, lacking ventilation, illumination, and sanitary facilities. A cat has made the facility its home, as well as a colony of pigeons. The birds have left large amounts of unsanitary feathers and excrement on the carpet and walls. There is also no working sanitary facility.

Any repair will simply not remove the danger of collapse and contamination,” he added.

Sandhills Sustainability has been given until late August to demolish the structure. If they fail to comply the city may demolish the structure, and assess a lien against the property or by filing a civil lawsuit.

However, Sandhills Sustainability can appeal to the City Board of Health.

The structure has been vacant for several years. For decades it functioned as a bar.

Cracks in the brick wall on the northeast side of the structure that faces 2nd Street.

Cracks in the brick wall on the northeast side of the structure that faces 2nd Street.



    ahhhh my first bar i worked at love ya Toad and Mary

  • Jennifer

    It’s really sad that this building has been let go! It was a very prominent establishment in it’s day!! RIP Toad :'(

  • Wendy (Newman) Bearry

    My Mom and Dad and I have some wonderful memories there, my Dad would take me to listen to the Bands, but Toad had one stipulation, I had to get up with the band and sing a song with them! Toad and Mary treated me like I was one of there own!

  • Karri Guthmiller

    Another one of Alliance’s landmarks is coming down. It willbe sad to see it gone.