Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

4-H logoFrom Box Butte County 4-H Coordinator Deb Kraenow:

Thanks so much to all who came and helped clean the fairgrounds Saturday! We got so much work done and everything looks great!

Speaking of fair, things are rolling along quickly and it is time for …

*** Tuesday, July 30 @ 6:30 pm @ the Fairgrounds will be a modeling clinic. If this is your first year to model or, if you just want to brush up, this will be a great opportunity for you. This will be the practice for Clover Kids. Bring your narrative so we have something to read. If you want to take the shoes you plan to model in for a “test drive”, be sure and bring them. See you then.

*** Wednesday, July 31 @ 6 pm @ the Alliance Trap Range will be the first Trap Shoot. Wish our shooters luck and watch for the results.

*** Thursday, August 1 is CLOTHING DAY. Fashion Show begins at 8:30 am in the Multipurpose Hall. You can dress in the Little Red Barn. You may want to bring a sheet or blanket to stand on to make sure your clothing doesn’t get dirty. Construction judging begins at 9 am in the 4-H building. Crocheting and Knitting projects are judged on this date. Reminder…quilts are judged on Tuesday with the home environment projects. Lunch will be provided for everyone and we will break around noon to give the judges a lunch break. Are there any families who would provide a salad or dessert? I appreciate the help. Thanks!

*** Friday, August 2 will be the Beef Carcass Contest at Bolek Feed Lot at 5 pm. Please wear your 4-H t-shirt.

*** Saturday, August 3 is the 4-H Horse Show. Check-in begins at 7 am with the show beginning promptly at 8 am.

*** Sunday, August 4 — Check-in for the dog show is 12:30 with the show beginning at 1 pm. Make sure your vaccination record is turned into the office. Can’t show without it. Check-in for the Cat Show is 2:30 with the show beginning at 3 pm. Same deal as the dog vaccinations — gotta have em! The BB gun and Air Rifle shoot begins at 5 pm at the Multipurpose Hall.