Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Alley east of the Alliance Grocery Kart

Grocery Kart Alley


The Alliance City Council has given first round approval to vacating an alley east of the Grocery Kart store.

The Grocery Kart is looking to expand its operation and needed the little-used alley vacated.

City Manager J.D. Cox says before giving final approval of the vacation, the city will need a map of where water, gas, sewer, and electric lines will be relocated.   Grocery Kart will pay the expense of having the utilities relocated.

Cox says the map is a formality and he does not foresee any real issues on having the alley vacation approved.

Grocery Kart officials have not yet determined how large their expansion project will be – just that it will be to the east of the current facility, and getting the alley vacated is the first step.  

Company co-owner Steve Stumpff of Plattsmouth says he doubts the expansion project will be completed by this fall.

Grocery Kart owns the vacant lot that stretches from their building east to the corner of Second and Sweetwater.