Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Chadron High SchoolChadron High School Principal Jerry Mack knows the school’s newest English teacher better than just about anyone else in the world does, and as a result…he’s not going to be her boss.

The school board last night hired his daughter Rachel Mack for the position, but only after Superintendent Dr Caroline Winchester said the senior Mack had taken himself out of the hiring process to avoid any nepotism concerns and would not be involved in any of her evaluations.

Winchester says the younger Mack was the unanimous choice of the screening committee and the other members of the English department, and her hiring offered a better overall fit across all the Chadron schools than moving in a teacher from another school.

Winchester told the board that she was “very aware it’s not the best situation” to have a father-daughter principal-teacher situation, but that the individuals involved made this the best solution for filling a late-occurring vacancy.

Dr David Johnson was the only board member to vote against hiring Rachel Mack, and he emphasized he wasn’t against her but was simply concerned that the board might be “setting ourselves up for multiple problems if glitches occur” or problems arise in the future.