Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

CSC Rangeland Coffee 7-11One of the three capital construction projects currently underway at Chadron State College isn’t going quite as fast as scheduled, but is still moving ahead steadily.

Vice President of Administration and Finance Dale Grant says the $2.9-million dollar Coffee Agriculture Pavilion, the first phase of the Rangeland Center going up on the southeast corner of the campus, will likely miss its planned opening date of late August by about 2 months.

“That project’s running about 60 days behind schedule, so I would suspect that we will get that finished in late September. They’re probably a couple weeks out getting all the steel on and they’re starting to get the concrete poured in the seating areas and stuff so it is moving along but we are getting a little behind on that one.

Grant says there are two major reasons the Coffee Pavilion…primarily an indoor arena…is behind: the weather with late spring snows and summer rains, and scheduling issues that kept the contractor…Sampson Construction…from getting getting contractors on site as timely as the college would have liked.

Most people have no idea how far along the pavilion is because it can’t be seen from the north as it sits on the south slope CSC Rangeland Coffee 6-27of a hill just east of the Burkheiser Complex and the CSC softball field. Grant says the location was picked to lessen the impact on the rest of the Chadron.

“We kept it south of that hill because we know that there are going to be animals housed out there and we wanted to separate that from the residential area as best we could to make sure that we don’t cause any issues. You can see parts of it from campus and 10th Street, but it’s not something that sticks out, that’s for sure.”

Sampson Construction will be the contract/construction-manager-at-risk for the second phase of the Rangeland Center, which will include the herbarium, classrooms, offices, and laboratories for the ag, rangeland, and wildlife programs. Grant expects construction early next year.

“The bonding goes out in January on that, so we should start seeing some movement on that second building out there after the first of the year.”

The state’s capital fund budget approved by the legislature earlier this year and signed by the governor included $3.7-million for the Phase II project…which is tentatively scheduled to open for fall of 2015.