Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

NDORNebraska’s Fiscal 2014 Surface Transportation Plan released last week includes $54.9-million dollars for Departmen of Roads District 5…which covers all 11 Panhandle counties. There are 24 projects, 2 of them funded and started last year and carried over to this year.

The largest is for $21.6-million dollars…39% of the total for the entire district…to repave 7-miles of Interstate 80 with concrete in Cheyenne County West of Sunol. A little more than a million dollars is to provide crossovers for that project.

I-80 is slated for a $3-million dollar milling and resurfacing of 11-miles between Kimball and the state line, and little over a million for repairs to the Highway 27 bridges crossing the freeway. There’s also $528,000 for new lighting at the Brownson interchange in Cheyenne County and $145,000 for automatic storm closure gates at Kimball.

Nebraska is installing new dynamic message boards along the freeway and I-80 in the Panhandle is slated for $605,000 in carryover projects and $363,000 in funding for this year. There’s another $700,000 in carryover for signs on Highway 71 in Kimball County and $133,000 in new money on Highway in Dawes County.

Highway 26 projects including 13-miles between Oshkosh and Lewellen scheduled for milling and resurfacing at an estimated cost of $6.9-million, with $2.6-million in similar work on just under 3-miles in the Bayard area.

Over $8-million dollars is included for 4 projects on the north end of Highway 71. The biggest in terms of miles is the 29 miles from Crawford to the South Dakota line, totaling $3.1-million.

It will be an HIP…Hot in Place…Recycling project where the existing and deteriorated asphalt is heated, removed, mixed with new material, and laid back down. The method was used this summer on Highway 385 north of Alliance.

There are 2 traditional resurfacings on Highway 71…7-miles from the Sioux-Box Butte county line to its junction with Highway 2 west of Hemingford at $3.2-million and 9-miles south of the Watson Ranch in Sioux County…and $616,000 to repair the Cottonwood Creek bridge north of Crawford.

Highway 27 is slated for $2.7-million resurfacing on 16 miles north from its junction with Highway 20 at Rushville, Highway 92 in Melbeta will get a $750,000 milling and resurfacing, and cameras will be placed on Highway 250 in Sheridan County at mile marker 26, a $29,000 project.

The other two projects are on Highway 385. The biggest is $3.1-million to mill and resurface the first 9 miles south of Chadron, which would go just beyond Chadron State Park, while the other is $530,000 to microsurface 8-miles of pavement going north out of Dalton.