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Riley Pruitt – file photo

For the second time in three years, Riley Pruitt of Gering won the tie down roping at Crawford’s Old West Trails Rodeo on July 3-4.  He completed his run in 9.7 seconds Thursday night to win $969.

Pruitt’s winning time in 2011 was 8.2 seconds, and he was the only tie down roper to break 10 seconds either year.

 Pruitt was the only Nebraska cowboy to earn a paycheck this year as the bulk of the placewinners in Crawford were from Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota, although Nebraska cowgirl June Holeman of Arcadia, placed 6th in barrel racing, which drew 52 entries.

 The event winners beside Pruitt included two South Dakotans.  K.C. Longbrake of Eagle Butte,  scored 80 points to win the saddle bronc riding and Brad Johnson of Reva led the steer wrestlers in 4.3 seconds.  Both earned more than $1,100.

Two Texans also won events. Shannon Witcher of Higgins was the barrel racing winner and Jesse Pohlmann of Gonzalez, Texas, was the only one of the 20 bullriders to make the 8-second whistle.

Zach Curran of Pavillion, Wyo., scored 77 points two win top honors in bareback riding. Coloradans Britt Ellerman of Fort Lupton and Chad Wahlert of Kersey completed their team roping run in 6.6 seconds to win that event.

                Those earning paychecks in each event follow:

                Bareback riding—1, Zach Curran, Pavillion, Wyo., 77 points, $1,007; 2-3, Heath Ford, Slocum, Texas, and Joel Schlegel, Burns, Wyo., 76, $629.37; 4, Justin Pollmiller, Littleton, Colo., 75, $251.75.

                Saddle bronc riding—1, K.C. Longbrake, Eagle Butte, S.D., 80 points, $1,128; 2, Colin Stalley, Riverton, Wyo., 77, $855; 3, Morgan Forbes, Kaycee, Wyo., 76, $615,60; 4-5, Tate Owens, Rockdale, Texas,  and Cody Rud, Greenfield, Wis., 74, $324.90; 6, Brandon Munn, Wheatland, Wyo., 73, $171.

                Bull riding—1, Jesse Pohlmann, Gonzales, Texas, 79 points, $1.069.20.

                Tie down roping—1, Riley Pruitt, Gering, Neb., 9.7 seconds, $969; 2, Mark Black, Pinedale, Wyo., 10.4, $726,75; 3, Brice Ingo, Pueblo, Colo., 10.6, $484.50; 4, Jess Woodward, Dupree, S.D., 10.7, $242.25.

                Steer wrestling—1,  Brad Johnson, Reva, S.D., 4.3 seconds; $1,178; 2-3, Cole Fulton, Miller, S.D., and Tait Kvistad, Grover, Colo., 5.3; $736.25; 4, Troy Brandemuehl, Douglas, Wyo.,  5.5, $294.50.

                Team roping—1, Brit Ellerman, Fort Lupton, Colo., and Chad Wahlert, Kersey, Colo., 6.6 seconds, $936.70 each; 2, Devin McGrath, Belle Fourche, S.D., and Dalton Richter, Quinn, S.D., 7.0, $775.20; 3, Rick Lauridsen, Erie, Colo., and Dustin Bowling, Agate, Colo., 7.2, $613.70; 4, Britt Williams, Hammond, Mont., and Paul Griemsman, Piedmont, S.D., 11.3;  $452.20; 5, Jake Day, Upton, Wyo., and J.W. Borrego, Pueblo West, Colo., 11.9, $290.70; 6 tie, Brian Dunning, McClave, Colo., and Jesse Jolly, Agate, Colo., and Mark Morrison, Eaton, Colo., and Tory Shaffer, Fort Lupton, Colo., 12.1, $80.75.

                Barrel racing—1, Shannon Witcher, Higgins, Texas, 17.18 seconds, $843.41; 2, Lonnie Farella, Newcastle, Wyo., 17.27, $733.40; 3, Kelly Yates, Pueblo, Colo., 17.47, $623.39; 4, Pat Spratt, Lysite, Wyo., 17.50, $513.38; 5, Alicia Eaves, Lingle, Wyo., 17.51, $403.37; 6, June Holeman, Arcadia, Neb., 17.52, $292.36; 7, Toni Hardin, Wetmore, Colo., 17.56, $183.35; 8, Jessica Routier, Buffalo, Wyo., 17.62, 73.34.