Posted 2 years ago

By Corey Sorenson

Photo courtesy of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

Photo courtesy of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

Harrison, NE – American Indian artist Carol Snow will be working in the visitor center from July 4th through 7th. Snow is bringing materials with a patriotic theme for visitors to fashion their own metal embossed bookmarks. Her newest artwork will also have a patriotic flavor.

During Snow’s first weekend at Agate Fossil Beds in June of 2012, she realized that the hands-on experience is a great way to teach people about her art. Using thin strips of metal and simple patterns, interested visitors are encouraged to hand-emboss a bookmark during their visit.

A certified tribal artisan representing the Seneca Nation of Indians, Snow’s current techniques include hand-embossed metals (especially copper), assemblages, and mixed media paintings. In her paintings, she uses various combinations of oil and gouache paint, pigment inks, acrylics, alcohol-based inks, assorted fibers, fabrics and other textural elements on canvas and tea- or coffee-dyed printmaking paper. She most often works with animal and American Indian motifs, using realistic and contemporary-primitive styles.

When asked why she works in so many different media, Snow said, “I have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to the creative process and believe that all possibilities are available for exploration.” She works with the media that a particular image requires and especially enjoys combining various materials. Her primary intent is to honor the spirits of the animals she portrays in her art.

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument is located just 22 miles south of Harrison, or 34 miles north of Mitchell, Nebraska, on State Highway 29, then east on River Road for three miles to the visitor center, open from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Agate Fossil Beds is a free park. For more information about scheduled events, go to or visit Agate Fossil Beds on Facebook.