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Michael Merrival

Michael Merrival

Chadron police have arrested 3 Pine Ridge, South Dakota, residents for shoplifting nearly $1,500 in items from Wal-Mart, and Police Chief Tim Lordino says they may have hit other stores around the region as well.

33-year old Michael Merrival, 24-year old Kandis Little, and 19-year old Katie Little are all being held on charges of Theft by Shoplifting and Conspiracy to Commit Theft by Shoplifting. Bail for each is $25,000.

Wal-Mart employees contacted police about 2:45 Tuesday afternoon after spotting a man who fit the description of the suspect who fled the store before police could arrive last November after trying to shoplift $1,500 worth of merchandise.

Kandis Little

Kandis Little

Chief Lordino says Sgt Mike Loutzehiser…the watch commander…contacted the Nebraska State Patrol and the Dawes County Sheriff’s Office for help in coordinating surveillance of the man and anyone he might have helping him, and to close off the 3 exits from the Wal-Mart parking lot.

“We sent in one of our drug investigators in plainclothes. When we set up the surveillance, we set off far away so they couldn’t see the patrol cars sitting there because we felt they as though they were running some sort of counter-surveillance themselves in the parking lot.”

Lordino says when the man left the store and went to a van in the parking lot, the officers from the various agencies closed in.

Katie Little

Katie Little

“We ended up having contact with 5 suspects next to the van, which was registered out of South Dakota. We served a search warrant on the van and recovered $662 of suspected stolen merchandise. They also abandoned in the store close to $900 in merchandised they’d packaged in a similar manner.

The recovered items included jewelry, makeup, clothing, purses, sunglasses, shoes, DVDs, and cell phones. Officers also seized what they  believed was to be marijuana.

Lordino says because of the volume of items taken and the similarities with the incident last November, it’s possible…if not likely…that Merrival and the Littles may have pulled off major shoplifting incidents before.

“We believe that this group, or part of this group, might have been involved in thefts at other Wal-Marts and retail stores as well, so we will be checking with other law enforcement agencies around our region.

Sgt Loutzenhiser calls the Tuesday arrests a “good team effort between Wal-Mart employees and local law enforcement,” and thanks the employees for their help and cooperation.

He also says that it’s important to report even seemingly minor crimes such as shoplifting because they result in monetary losses to stores that typically result in higher prices for everyone else.


  • tylee

    Idk the other two so they’re pry the guilty ones. But I know my friend Katie is innocent.
    Anyone who knows Katie, KNOWS she is a good person and wouldn’t do such a thing!!!!

    • Desaree

      I KNOW Katie too, obviously she did something if she’s on this.. You don’t jus get pictures like this posted for fun, she may look innocent Tylee but I knw how Katie is, so don’t even try to go there.

  • One Legged Joe

    @Tylee. You’re SO misinformed. She got CAUGHT. Arrested means that the police have EVIDENCE enough to convict her. Maybe not of the crime she’s charged with but a crime none the less. I’m happy she’s in jail. She may be a nice girl, but she got busted doing something stupid. She deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Desaree


  • izzy

    lol ‘GANG’ that’s bull shiz

  • aunt

    oh oh….should have went to mcdonalds mike has a bite mark on the ear

  • Louis

    Good Job Law Enforcement but this will only add to the racial discrimination that Chadron suffers from…all this is doing is giving weak people the privilege to call The Law when they think that someone looks suspicious…well I shouldnt say weak I should say Racial People…I myself can never be that way but that doesn’t mean anything because the world is a screwed up place and I wouldn’t have it any other way

  • iktomi

    How can we tie this into the crew at whiteclay?? Ok we can’t! They simply do not have relatives living in a topic or that speak about Lakota virtues. I iktomi know you! Each and everyone!

  • lil brother of mike merrival

    This stealing from one another has been going on for years between the natives and whites. First the white people stole from us, land, water, life, and there are still stealing from the poor through the Government.
    And Wal-mart a store known for racial profiling is no saint. I know for a fact that my brother is a Victim of Racial Profiling. (think about this, One day WE as a Lakota Nation will back up each other up in stead of tucking your tails and running scared.) (Oglala Warrior still standing strong to the fullest, after the smoke clears) FOR MY PEOPLE, ONE LUV, The Lawless One OGLALA WAR CHIEF LOWDOG 2013