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By Post Staff

BBGH LOGOThe Box Butte General Hospital Board of Trustees held their monthly regular meeting Tuesday at noon, May 28, due to the Memorial Day holiday. Jane McConkey, CNO, announced the 2013 scholarship award winners, “One of the most fun reports I get to give every year,” she commented. A total of $11,200 from Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) and Box Butte Health Foundation (BBHF), was awarded to 13 individuals; $5,000 and $6,200 respectively. “We had 22 applications this year, which were judged by the Board of the Nebraska Rural Health Association,” Ms. McConkey said. “They did a wonderful job, as usual.”

BBGH awarded four high school students $500 each: Ellie Applegarth, AHS pre physician assistant, CSC RHOP; Sydnie Hiemstra, AHS pre nursing, CSC; Regg Strotheide, Hay Springs HS, pre physical therapy, CSC RHOP; and Dawson Johnson, AHS pre pharmacy, UN-K.

BBGH awarded three college students $1,000 each: Amy Watson, AHS attending UN-L Speech pathology; Patrick Jespersen, HHS, attending UNMC nursing; and Ashley Johnson, AHS attending nursing in Lincoln

BBHF awarded the $1,200 Jane Cox Memorial and Sandy Bowen Molko Memorial to Kayla James, AHS attending BryanLGH nursing. Five BBHF $1,000 scholarships were given to Sally Bryner, RN, BBGH employee attending UNMC nurse practitioner program; Mikenzie Nordeen, attending South Dakota University pre pharmacy; Amanda Hare, attending UN-L pre pharmacy; Bridget Scherbarth, attending UNMC Physical Therapy; and Darin Bottger, attending UN-L pre Physical Therapy.

The trustees’ agenda also included the following items:

The board recognized  Samantha Fullmer, RN, for being named the May Employee of the Month. Also recognized with applause was Ana Duran, who recently became a U.S. Citizen. Employees introduced included David Heidingsfelder, LPN, PCU; Breanna Cole-Smith, LPN, PCU; Sarah Hicks, CAN, PCU; and Kim Brown, contractual cash receipts specialist, PFS. Ms. McConkey introduced the summer interns at BBGH including: College interns seeking to be Registered Nurses: Patrick Jespersen, Kimberly Jespersen, Brittany King and Chelsey Jelinek. College interns: Lauren Reiber, pre-nursing, and Trey Neeley, pre pharmacy RHOP. Rehab interns: Darin Bottger and Ryan Ackerman. High school interns: Christian Bila, Bree Evans, Klayton Nordeen, Ashley Quick, Devin Ushio and Sydnie Heimstra.

After unanimously approving the consent calendar, the board heard Special Services Director Mary Mockerman present the Quality Management and Safety report. The Nebraska Patient Safety Coalition monthly incident focus was about a piece of equipment failing during a surgical procedure at a reporting hospital. While the patient and staff were not injured, staff response to the incident indicated a lack of training, especially in using the Rescue, Alarm, Contain, Extinguish (RACE) procedure when confronted by the fire. She listed six preventative training opportunities BBGH has in place to educate BBGH staff on proper fire safety and other emergency codes. TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers have been rounding through departments at the hospital for TeamSTEPPS training reviews, with the “Hand-Off” tool highlighted. Ms. Mockerman concluded with a review of performance improvement efforts currently underway at BBGH.

Controller Lori Mazanec provided the financial report for April indicating the month saw a decrease in net assets of $94,000. The year-to-date increase in net assets stands at a solid $1,289,000. Total Patient Service Revenue finished with $3,714,000 for the month. Year-to-date patient service revenue stands at $35,700,000. “Statistics impacting the year-to-date results include 805 admissions, of which are 80 welcomed newborns,” she said. “We are nearing 2,200 acute patient days, made up of 48 percent Medicare days, 18 percent Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care, 29 percent either Commercial or Medicare Advantage plans and the final five percent Self pay.” The hospital has tallied over 1,100 Swing Bed days through April. The Swing Bed program, also known as Bridges to Home, almost doubled what the expectation was for April, with 174 patient days. “Regional West Medical Center discontinued their Restorative Care Unit (RCU) effective in April,” Ms. Mazanec reported. “Their RCU program is similar to our swing bed program in that patients have obtained a level of recovery where hospitalization is no longer necessary, but are still unable to go home due to physical restrictions, or still need additional therapy before they can return home. BBGH is now benefiting as a result of the discontinued service in Scottsbluff.” April operating expenses totaled $2,678,000 while the year-to-date expenses top the $25,000,000 mark. For the year, nearly every expense category is below budget. The year-to-date operations have delivered a gain of $895,000.  Taken together with revenue from non-operating sources the year-to-date increase in net assets stands at $1,289,000.

COO/CIO Jim Parks gave an update on the addition/renovation project, saying the design/development (D&D) part of the project has been pushed back to July 9 in order to have more accurate figures on costs. He said there may be a special board meeting that month to speed the process up. The preliminary mechanical costs of the project (plumbing, electrical, etc.) have been trimmed from 48 percent of project cost to a more realistic 40 percent. “The total cost of the project is kind of a moving target right now,” he said. “But the good thing is, the target is moving the direction we want it to go.” Site work is currently projected to begin in August. Asked about backup power, Mr. Parks said the current generator has been operating as designed, powering the whole hospital, except for the Medical Arts Plaza (MAP), when there is a public power failure, with nearly 50 percent of the generator’s capacity not utilized at present. The new addition will have its own generator, which can be smaller and will be supplemented by the generator recently installed due to the extra capacity. The addition will have 100 percent emergency power coverage. Additional plans include installing an emergency power panel in the Medical Arts Plaza to provide backup power to designated outlets.

BBHF Director Brooke Shelmadine presented a report on recent Foundation activities, including the purchase of new bike racks, whose design was chosen by popular vote. The bike rack project also provided an opportunity to raise the level of staff Foundation donation participation from six percent to 16.5 percent. The Bulldogs Beating Cancer hamburger fund raiser was a success, raising $1,700 for Jane’s Closet. Jane’s Closet will distribute the funds to either AHS alumni or affiliates of AHS, as requested by the Alliance Athletic Booster Club. She reported the Foundation’s Jump Rope event during the Health Fair was a success. Also discussed with the board was the possibility of a donor wall established when the new addition is built.

After unanimously approving all credentialing requests, the board adjourned at 12:57 p.m. The next board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. Monday, June 24 in the Alliance Room at BBGH. As always, the public is invited to attend.