Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Gong ShowTime to get your “Act Together”!

The Historic Main Street Promotion Team is looking for Acts to participate in the 3rd Annual Gong Show. Save the date; Wednesday, July 17th from 7-9 P.M. during Alliance’s Heritage Days. This event will be held in the Newberry building, 402 Box Butte Avenue. 

The concept behind the Gong Show is to raise awareness of the quality work being done, and also the needs of Alliance’s service organizations. This is a great way to raise funds for these organizations, be entertained and have loads of fun doing it. The Gong Show is patterned after the 1970 TV show. If you haven’t seen it, you can go to YouTube to check it out. It’s a blast!

So for those of you associated with non-profit organizations to get your “Act Together” and get registered for the Gong Show. (If you are not associated with a “non-profit” organization and have an Act you would like to perform, ask an organization to sponsor you.) With just 2 months until Heritage Days, NOW is the time to start thinking about what Act you will want to perform. If you have a great idea but don’t want to go it alone, get your friends together and challenge them to participate. You just might be that special Act to win $516.32.

 Representing your organization is ideal for; 4-H, cheerleaders, sports team, YMCA, United Way or anyone wanting to bring attention or awareness to a cause. The most important thing to remember is the Gong Show is about FUN, not talent – entrees are judged on A-effort, B-entertainment value, and C-originality.

 Anyone can do this! 

These are the facts of the matter:

1) Funds raised are for non-profit origanizations (not personal gain). You will need to provide a non-profit tax ID number to enter.

2) Prize money for the winner is $516.32 All entries will receive a prize of $32.16

3) This is a lip-sync contest.

4) There will be a limit to the total number of entrees, so call now!

5) This is a family show, however it is held in the Newberry which is a beer garden.

6) To register contact Debby Feller at Historic Main Street, 305 Box Butte Avenue, call 308-762-1800 or email – for details. (You will need to fill out an application form to be registered for this event).

7) Advance seating is currently on sale for tables of eight. Unfortunately we can not guarantee your seating from year-to-year, but we will give those who had table’s last year first priority. Unfortunately we will not be able to save tables so reserve yours as soon as possible. As you know, these tables are in high demand and get reserved quickly. (*Please note; your table will not be considered reserved unless we have received payment in full.)

8) The crowd is encouraged to dress in 70’s garb and wear your cool (goofy) hats.

9) We will once again have “M. C. Chuck Barris” the unknown comic and Gene, Gene the Dancin’ Machine…

10) Don’t be a square be there…