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beer glass - 1Free Responsible Beverage Server Training classes are once again being offered throughout the Panhandle via tele-video sites. Register online at . The next training is available on Tuesday, June 11th – 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The classes are designed to provide individuals entrusted with the responsibility of serving or selling alcohol with strategies to avoid illegally selling to underage youth or intoxicated patrons. They are also designed to train volunteers who serve at fairs, festivals and other special events. The classes are free-of-charge and offered to anyone who serves or sells alcohol or tobacco.

The #1 goal of the server training program is to give employers, employees and volunteers the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully avoid allowing alcohol access to minors, intoxicated individuals or any other violation of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act. Alcohol is the #1 most abused substance among high school age youth across the Panhandle of Nebraska and is a contributing factor in dangerous and illegal activities among high school and college aged youth,” said Tami Otto, Nebraska State Patrol.

Training participants are given a pre- and post-test on their knowledge of Nebraska alcohol laws. Test scores show a 43% increase in knowledge between pre- and post-test scores which has resulted in more businesses passing compliance checks.

“More and more retailers are learning about the laws and being responsible and implementing them so our communities are safer” states Jann Lawler, Panhandle Prevention Coalition Coordinator.

The Panhandle Prevention Coalition, along with the Nebraska State Patrol, Panhandle Partnership for Health and Human Services Training Academy, Region 1 Behavioral Health Authority and local community coalition partners, has presented free Responsible Beverage Server Training to over 600 alcohol retail merchants, owners, and employees across the Panhandle since September 2009 .

“Without the collaborative effort of these agencies, organizations and local communities these prevention efforts would not be a success.” said Lawler.

About the PPC

The PPC is a part of the Panhandle Partnership for Health and Human Services and is comprised of local community coalitions and a regional coalition united together by a passion and dedication to healthy and safe people across the lifespan. Our efforts include, but are not limited to, reducing underage drinking, binge drinking and drinking and driving in the Nebraska Panhandle. We do this by

  • Seeking policy change at the local and state levels to reduce youth access to alcohol.

  • Collaborating with law enforcement to facilitate, fund and standardize compliance checks, beverage server training, and sobriety checks.

  • Educating and generating awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and consequences of minors in possession (MIPs) and buying/providing alcohol to minors.

Our community partners include concerned parents, health care workers, law enforcement, social service professionals, community leaders, elected officials, educators, business owners, volunteers and citizens both locally and statewide who seek safe communities for our children and families to live and grow. The PPC is supported in whole or part, by federal or state funds received from the Division of Behavioral Health of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.