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By Post Staff

Rose SeifkeThe trial for the Hemingford woman charged with being an accessory to the death of former Alliance resident Josh Bullock, which was scheduled to start Monday morning in Box Butte County District Court, will NOT be held.

Friday afternoon, Judge Travis O’Gorman accepted the guilty plea of 20-year-old Rose Seifke to an amended charge of being an accessory to a felony.

The original charge filed by the Box Butte County Attorney’s office was a Class Three Felony, which carried a prison sentence of one to 20 years. The amended charge is a Class Four Felony, which, in this case, will probably carry a sentence of 20 to 60 months. Under Nebraska’s good time law, Seifke could be eligible for parole in ten months

She is scheduled to be sentenced on July 1 at 3 p.m.

Seifke was originally charged last summer stemming from her association with 27-year-old Andy Gonzalez, who told law enforcement during a June 12 standoff at Thiele Pharmacy and Gifts that he had killed the 38-year-old Bullock and buried his body in rural Dawes County.

Bullock was reported missing on December 1, 2011.   His burned out pickup truck was located December 14, 2011, and his body was found in a shallow grave south of Chadron in mid-June.

The driving force in reducing the charge from a Class Three Felony to a Class Four Felony was the State having to prove Seifke was an accessory to First or Second Degree Murder, when the man believed to have actually committed the murder, Andy Gonzalez, is deceased, and never was convicted of a crime.

  • Susan Dvorak

    this is BS, she was the killers pregnant girlfriend, she should be held accountable for her part in this heinous crime!

  • http://dicnshine2@charter.net Shine Amsk

    There has got to be some accountability somewhere for the murder of Josh Bullock. She helped Andy Gonzales dispose of Josh’s body. She knew what they had done to Josh and yet she continued to lie to authorities and denied any involvement. By her silence she facilitated the incidents of last June at Thiele pharmacy and the murder of Larry Gonzales. All she had to do was go to the authorities and they would have given her protection if she was afraid of Andy. But I don’t believe she was afraid of him because she was pregnant by him. She is a lier and she need to pay for what she has done. For Josh and his family we ask for JUSTICE FOR JOSH!!!!


      SHINE! you aught to be ashamed of yourself…

  • Abe

    So I am really confused, we punish firm and hard on drug dealers and people that drink and drive time and time again. We are firm on punishing people for any other crime but this pile gets a slap on the wrist for taking a mans life? She helped take a poor soul from his children, his mother, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles what the heck? Not only should we make an example out of this murder but we should also be punishing her not slapping her on the wrist. This is scarey, so so sad to see the justice system fail miserably

  • vicki robbins

    Law what Law. Remorse is something that she doesn’t have and has never had. How can she sleep at night knowing she helped take the life of another human being, and never said a word to anyone. Isn’t her silence an admission of guilt? Ask around to other inmates who only watched and didn’t help drive the truck and burn it then bury the person after cutting head off and throwing it in the trash.Poor little 19 year old misguided piece of trash. Wrong is wrong and what she is getting is more than just WRONG it is a joke with all of the Judges and Layers names written all over it. THERE IS NO JUSTIS IN THIS!

  • Kandy

    This is an outrage!!! I’ve seen people who were arrested for small amounts of drugs and burglaries get more time than this! And that was with the so called “Good Time”. Remind me that if I wan to seek JUSTICE for something to go to another county or make sure I have the name and money in the community to cover my butt!


    THINK about it people.(JUSTICE FOR JOSH,OR SHOULD I SAY / DRUG DEALER SUPPORTERS) josh was, and had been a drug dealer and drug runner since he was in high school!! ANDY GONZALES had already shown alliance that he was unstable when he was a kid! he was abused as a kid,,His father beat him,and raised him telling him he should be ready for the new world order! teaching him how to handle guns and other things. The general public does NOT! have the evidence avalible to them to even speculate enough to pass judgment!! MAYBE,just maybe the young lady in question should have went to trial, and let the prosecuting attorney loose because she would have had to prove MURDER 1 OR MURDER 2!! the prosecuting attorney finally came to her senses and realized that she would have lost the case. YOU CANT CHARGE SOMEONE WITH ACCESSORY WITHOUT CONVICTING SOMEONE OF THE ORIGINAL CRIME!! YOU PEOPLE DONT HAVE A CLUE, SO HOW CAN YOU PASS JUDGMENT?? read the last paragraph of the news article PEOPLE! AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED! THE MAN RESPONSIBLE FOR JOSH BULLOCKS DEATH WAS TAKEN BY THE STATE OF NEBRASKA!!

    • Shell

      Um so i as well was beaten and neglected by my father my mother was never home because she was always working trying to keep a roof over our heads clothes on our backs and food in our bellys….. which left us at home alone with a drunk horrible father all the time…. I have a few issues i have had to over come but i got over it, i am a good person and would never in my life even consider killing another human being…. so as far as the lame excuse of poor little andy was abused lol there is no excuse for murder! And our little rose mad people feel so sorry for. The girl used to drink antifreeze!!!!! Lol she’s an idiot and a liar!! She’s doing just fine with the guilt of murdering Josh Bullock but the death of her poor little puppy dog while she was on vacation just the poor thing…. a life for a life send this trash to prison for life, put the child up for adoption so it has a fair shot at a normal mentally stable life!!!!!!!