Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Helmet lawA bill to repeal Nebraska’s motorcycle helmet law will wait until next year. Sponsor Senator Dave Bloomfield of Hoskins said Thursday that he has asked the speaker to take LB393 off of this year’s legislative agenda because there are just 11 days left in the session.

Hoskin’s bill…advanced to the floor in March on a 5-3 vote…allows those 21 and older to ride without helmets, but requires them to wear eye protect. It also applies to moped operators, and bans motorcycle passengers less than 4-feet tall unless they’re over 16.

Supporters of repealing the helmet requirement argue that the state is losing tax revenue and tourism because riders often bypass the state since none of its neighbors have one.

Lawmakers have introduced helmet repeal bills in almost every session over the last 2 decades, with 48th District Senator…now Congressman…Adrian Smith a strong backer of those efforts in his 8 years.

The closest they came was in 2010, when supporters secured a 27-vote majority but failed to hit the 33 needed to end a filibuster. Bloomfield says he will press ahead with his measure next year, and may designate it as his priority again to ensure that it’s debated.