Posted 2 years ago

By Jason Wentworth

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LOS ANGELES (AP) – Tonight we’ll learn the “American Idol” top three — or maybe not. At the close of last night’s show, Ryan Seacrest announced there would be a surprise twist in this season’s competition. He didn’t give a hint of what that might be. But this season Idol has been in a ratings slump. Last night, the final four did two songs each. Randy Jackson says Angie Miller won the night “hands down.” Nicki Minaj thinks Amber Holcomb sounds great and looks like “a big sexy glass of milk.” Candice Glover was praised for singing well despite a bad cold. But Kree Harrison got some criticism from the judges for not going far enough with her vocals. She was in the bottom two last week.

A three-way tie in the Tribal Council meant two votes on last night’s “Survivor: Caramoan.” Andrea, Malcolm and Reynold all got the same number of votes the first time around. But things weren’t even close on the second ballot, with Malcolm getting the ax. Earlier, Cochran won Immunity by using the advantage he had purchased during an auction. Malcolm thought he too would be getting a break, thanks to a Hidden Immunity Idol clue he bought at the auction. But he wasn’t able to get free to dig up the Idol. He says as soon as you think you’ve got Survivor figured out, you’re going home.

Calling all nerds. TBS is giving fans the chance to cast as one of the contestants in “King of the Nerds.” The contestant the fans choose will be called “The People’s Nerd.” If you want to apply, make a video of no more than five minutes showing your nerdiness. Whoever is crowned King of the Nerds gets $100,000.