Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

BBGH LOGOThe April 22 meeting of the Box Butte General Hospital Board of Trustees had BBGH Controller Lori Mazanec going over department requests for the minor equipment budget (items costing less than $5,000) and capital budget (items costing $5,000 or higher) for the coming fiscal year.

 She reported the preliminary figures for the 2013-2014 minor equipment budget requests total $172,126. This compares to last year’s approved minor equipment budget of $290,223, a 41 percent decrease. She commented the requests were pretty straight forward from the departments, with several items needed to replace older, outdated equipment. Two of the larger department requests are from surgery ($32,838) and IT ($27,015). IT encompasses all the hospital in regards to computers, printers, scanners, digital phones, etc.

 The 2013-2014 capital budget requests total $1,151,263, with a $50,000 contingency built in. Last year the capital budget was approved at $1,384,086, also with an additional $50,000 contingency. The biggest component in this year’s requests is the Healthland Centriq Migration project totaling $427,652 after all components are added. The Centriq Migration project is for BBGH’s Hospital Information System (HIS), which includes electronic medical records, finance and billing, inventory, laboratory, and other components. This investment is necessary to continue the mandatory movement by the federal government to a more robust technology platform. The down payment for the project was issued to Healthland a few months back, keeping the hospital on track for implementation during the fourth quarter of 2013. Two other large capital budget requests include lease buy-outs of current equipment: the Digital Mammography unit ($122,000) and the Stryker Endoscopy Tower in surgery ($39,000). Another larger item requested is a new $174,000 air handling unit needed to replace the old one in the Dietary Department kitchen.

 Other items on the agenda addressed by the Trustees included the following:

 The Trustees recognized Maintenance Tech Tim Dahlberg as the April Employee of the Month. Also recognized was Janell Grant, APRN-BC as the Provider of Choice for the first quarter of 2013. Also recognized were new employees: Cindy Trickler, cook; Richard Sanchez, respiratory therapist; Vickie Hartley, purchasing assistant; Melanie Hughes and Thomas Love, environmental services personnel.

 Ms. Grant was again recognized by Chief of Staff Tim Narjes during his report to the board later in the meeting.  He said the medical staff wanted to call attention to Ms. Grant receiving the National Preceptor Award while attending the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Conference in Orlando, FL, April 17-20. A preceptor is a medical provider who provides practical training and experience to a student or students. “Out of all the Nurse Practitioners in the United States, Janell was the one to receive this national teaching award, so that is something pretty special and we wanted to recognize her accomplishment,” Dr. Narjes said.

 After the trustees unanimously approved the consent calendar, Special Services Director Mary Mockerman reported on the latest Patient Safety Matter from the Nebraska Patient Safety Coalition during her monthly Quality Management and Safety report. The review concerned inadequately sterilized instruments reported by another hospital. She said she felt secure in knowing that best practices have been adopted at BBGH that will prevent such occurrences here. The final post-survey report from the survey performed this past fall was submitted to The Joint Commission in April, with the hospital exceeding its Measures of Success goals in three reporting standards: Fire Response Education 99.3 percent; Hazardous Materials 92 percent; and Updates to History and Physical 100 percent. Ms. Mockerman then addressed a Sentinel Event Alert issued by the Joint Commission on medical device alarm fatigue. She finished her report going over charts breaking down occurrence reports for the first quarter of 2013 (referencing falls, medication, equipment, complaints, employee injury, etc.).

 Ms. Mazanec’s financial report for March indicated the month closed with a decrease in net assets of $122,000 compared to an expected gain of $492,000. Total Patient Service Revenue of $3,557,000 was short of the month’s $843,000 projection.  All patient service areas were behind budget figures for the month.  Year-to-date patient service revenue is nearing the $32 million mark and is 9% behind budget.  As mentioned last month, initial revenue projections may have been set too aggressively when compared to actual results. March operating expenses totaled $2,564,000 and finished $178,000, or 7%, under budget.  Year-to-date expenses continue to look favorable and remain under budget by $1,032,000, or 4%.  She said department managers have done a commendable job keeping expenses down with the lower revenue totals. March closed with an operating loss of $128,000, compared to a budgeted gain of $484,000.  The year-to-date operations have delivered a gain of $1,000,000, nearly half of expectations.  Taken together with revenue from non-operating sources the hospital’s year-to-date increase in net assets stands at $1,383,000, 38% lower than budget predictions and $663,000 lower than results one year ago.

 The board heard COO/CIO Jim Parks give a brief update on the addition/renovation project. He said the hospital has asked the design team to look at its plans to put some options together to see where the hospital can trim to reduce costs, if needed. A large milestone was completed this past month with the finalization of the construction contract with Beckenhauer Construction and the approval of the contract by the USDA.

 Emergency Department representative Larry Steele, RN, CEN, was present to request the trustees approve a resolution required to meet the application process to maintain a Level IV trauma center designation. The current Level IV designation expires in August. Mr. Steele said the BBGH Emergency Department has been working hard to complete the requirements of the application. After chairman David Briggs read the resolution, the trustees unanimously approved it. CEO Dan Griess thanked Mr. Steele for his continued efforts coordinating the details needed to maintain Level IV status. “He has been the coordinator in that effort for some time,” he said. “It’s hard work and I feel we’ve really excelled in that area due to his leadership.”

 The monthly Strategic Initiative focus was on Promoting Positive Outcomes through Application of Best Practices. CNO Jane McConkey and Ms. Mockerman gave the presentation, touching on six goals of the Initiative: Introducing the Just Culture philosophy to BBGH; Continuing the implementation and hardwiring of the TeamSTEPPs Initiative; Continuing implementation of the Services Excellence Initiative with a focus on improving HCAHPS scores; Instituting systems to support compliance with The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals and prevention of CMS hospital acquired conditions; Provide optimal care and achieve excellent patient outcomes through adherence to medical best practices; and finally to identify and correct root causes in medication errors to ensure safe medication delivery. Ms. Mockerman and Ms. McConkey went into detail on the efforts being made to reach the strategic initiative’s specified goals.

 After the board unanimously approved all credentialing requests, they set the next regular board meeting for 12 noon, Tuesday, May 28 in the BBGH Alliance Room. The change in the regular fourth Monday meeting date was due to the Memorial Day holiday falling on May 27. As always the public is invited to attend. With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.