Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Pine Ridge EnduroThis month’s snow and rain in the Chadron area has claimed another victim – theĀ  43rd Pine Ridge Enduro off-road motorcycle rally.

The Enduro has been scheduled for this coming Sunday on a road-and-off-road course around the Chadron area, but co-organizer Ted Winkleman of the host Pine Ridge Cycle Club says the ground is just too wet for volunteers to get out and set up the course.

The Enduro runs over a combination of public and private land, with the Cycle Club responsible for mitigating any damage done on the public land…another factor in the decision not to hold it this year. It will be in the Crawford area next year.

Chadron Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Collette Fernandez says it’s a shame the club had to cancel the Enduro because the event is a nice early spring boost to the Dawes County area economy with 200 or more visitors coming to town.

Entry fees pay the Enduro expenses, but also allow the Cycle Club to support local projects and organizations…so not having it will hurt them as well.