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WR Nathan Ross

WR Nathan Ross

CHADRON – Six Chadron State College football players set 13 weightlifting records for their respective positions during offseason workouts. Players were tested last week to mark the end of the workouts

Chadron State defensive coordinator and strength and conditioning coordinator Jeff Larson says junior tailback Michael Madkins was strongest CSC football player, pound for pound, while Jojo Phillips and Conor Casey highlighted the testing with overall team records during the winter testing period.

Phillips, a junior safety from LaMesa, Calif., ran the 40-yard dash in 4.40 seconds, breaking Danny Woodhead’s previous record of 4.43.  All the 40-yard times were measured electronically.

Phillips also set three other defensive back records. He bench pressed 385 pounds, power cleaned 340 and had a total of 1,170 pounds in the three core lifts – bench press, squat and power clean.

Casey, a junior from Rapid City, S.D., had a vertical jump of 41 inches to break Allan Schmaltz‘s previous record of 38.5. Schmaltz is also a Rapid City native.

Robert Jackson III set three records for running backs and fullbacks, including breaking one that had stood for 18 years. He squatted 615 pounds to break Corey Campbell’s record of 600 set in 1995 and he also had a vertical jump of 36 inches and had a total of 1,295 pounds in the three core lifts.

Patrick O’Boyle and Daniel Sotelo also set multiple records. O’Boyle, a junior quarterback from Gering, had a vertical of 29.5 inches and a time of 4.75 seconds in the 40, while Sotelo, a sophomore from Grand Island, squatted 615 pounds and had a total of 1,310 pounds in the core lifts.

Wide receiver Antonio Thompson also set a record in the 40-yard dash, running it in 4.51 seconds.

Winter Testing Scores
Iron Eagles (Top 10 Total Weight)
Daniel Sotelo, 1,310 pounds
Robert Jackson III, 1,295 pounds
Mike Lorenzo, 1,225 pounds
Sam Parker, 1225 pounds
Jojo Phillips, 1,170 pounds
Sean Acuna, 1,140 pounds
Darrion Oliver, 1,125 pounds
Jake Webber, 1,115 pounds
Clint Sasse, 1,085 pounds
Conor Casey, 1,085 pounds
Isaac Holscher, 1,085 pounds

Top 10 Pound for Pound
Michael Madkins, 6.02
Donnie Butler, 5.99
Nathan Ross, 5.92
KamRon Tomlinson, 5.66
Antonio Thompson, 5.59
Robert Jackson III, 5.58
Isaac Holscher, 5.51
Jojo Phillips, 5.49
Conor Casey, 5.34
Cole Montgomery, 5.10

Top Marks at Each Position
Defensive Line
Bench Press: 385 pounds by Jake Webber
Power Clean: 315 pounds by Zach Sandstrom
Squat: 500 pounds by Sean Acuna
Vertical Jump: 30.0 inches by Brandon Blinn
Pro Agility: 4.26 seconds by Kyle McCarthy
40-yard Time: 4.82 seconds by Brandon Blinn

Bench Press: 315 pounds by Dain Dastrup
Power Clean: 300 pounds by Dylan Furrier
Squat: 425 pounds by Dylan Furrier and Bryant Miller
*Vertical Jump: 34.5 inches by William Tutein (Tied Eric Roth’s record of 34.5 in 2009)
Pro Agility: 4.34 seconds by Tyrel Grasz
40-yard Time: 4.89 seconds by Bryant Miller

*Bench Press: 385 pounds by Jojo Phillips (Previous record: 360 by Jojo Phillips, 2012)
*Power Clean: 340 pounds by Jojo Phillips (Previous record: 315 by Jojo Phillips, 2012)
Squat: 495 pounds by Tyler Wright
Vertical Jump: 35.0 inches by Jojo Phillips
Pro Agility: 4.00 seconds by Jojo Phillips
+40-yard Time: 4.40 seconds by Jojo Phillips (Overall record: 4.43 by Danny Woodhead, 2006; Previous DB record: 4.45 by Marvin Jackson, 2003)

Bench Press: 325 pounds by Conor Casey
Power Clean: 305 pounds by Conor Casey
Squat: 455 pounds by Conor Casey
+Vertical Jump: 41.0 inches by Conor Casey (Overall record: 38.5 inches by Allan Schmaltz, 2009; DB Record: 36 inches by Marvin Jackson, 2003)
Pro Agility: 4.08 seconds by KamRon Tomlinson
40-yard Time: 4.45 seconds by KamRon Tomlinson

Bench Press: 255 pounds by Patrick O’Boyle
Power Clean: 260 pounds by Christopher Conroy
Squat: 365 pounds by Will Burgess
*Vertical Jump: 29.5 inches by Patrick O’Boyle (Previous record: 28.5 inches by Tyler Hidrogo, 2005)
Pro Agility: 4.30 seconds by Patrick O’Boyle
*40-yard Time: 4.75 seconds by Patrick O’Boyle (Previous record: 4.86 seconds by Garrett Treffer, 2008)

Offensive Line
Bench Press: 380 pounds by Daniel Sotelo
Power Clean: 330 pounds by Michael Lorenzo
*Squat: 615 pounds by Daniel Sotelo (Previous record: 585 by Mike Aimone, 2007)
Vertical Jump: 31.0 inches by Daniel Sotelo
Pro Agility: 4.55 by Aaron Gray
40-yard Time: 5.26 seconds by Michael Lorenzo

Inside Receivers
Bench Press: 365 pounds by Isaac Holscher
Power Clean: 315 pounds by Isaac Holscher
Squat: 405 pounds by Isaac Holscher and Austen Stephens
Vertical Jump: 33.0 inches by Ethan Bauer
Pro Agility: 4.27 seconds by Isaac Holscher
40-yard Time: 4.68 seconds by Isaac Holscher

Bench Press: 365 pounds by Robert Jackson III
Power Clean: 315 pounds by Robert Jackson III
*Squat: 615 pounds by Robert Jackson III (Previous record: 600 by Corey Campbell, 1995)
Vertical Jump: 36.0 inches by Robert Jackson III
Pro Agility: 4.04 seconds by Glen Clinton
40-yard Time: 4.52 seconds by Donnie Butler and Cody Paul

Wide Receivers
Bench Press: 345 pounds by Nathan Ross
Power Clean: 295 pounds by Nathan Ross
Squat: 425 pounds by Nathan Ross and Antonio Thompson
Vertical Jump: 34.0 inches by Antonio Thompson
Pro Agility: 4.04 seconds by Travis Reeves
*40-yard Time: 4.51 seconds by Antonio Thompson (Previous record: 4.59 by Brandon Harrington, 2007)

Bench Press: 275 pounds by Alex Ferdinand
Power Clean: 225 pounds by Alex Ferdinand
Squat: n/a
Vertical Jump: 25.0 inches by Alex Ferdinand
Pro Agility: 4.55 seconds by Alex Ferdinand
40-yard Time: 4.95 seconds by Alex Ferdinand

*Position Record
+ Team Record