Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

KABKeep Alliance Beautiful, Inc., has offered recycling statistics for calendar year 2012.

KAB had recycled 576,253 lbs. or 288.12 tons of commodities. This was a 9% increase over amount recycled in 2011. This year KAB hopes to recycle another 5% or 14.4 tons more in 2013.

Trailers for recycling have been placed on the west side of Alliance in the Alliance Plaza Shopping Center and also at the Dollar General Store on Flack Avenue. A trailer has been placed in Hemingford on the Farmer’s Cooperative lot on the North side of Hemingford for collection of materials.

The commodities most recycled the first quarter of 2013 are Newspaper, Fiberboard, and Cardboard in that order.

The 2013 Students for Recycling Contest allows people to drop off newspaper, magazines, catalogs, and paperback books at the Recycling Center to be placed in the total for a specific school. The schools can win up to $500 depending upon how much is recycled by and for them. Newspaper, magazines, catalogs and paperback books placed into the Alliance trailers are divided evenly between the schools participating in Alliance. The trailer in Hemingford also collects newspaper, magazines, catalogs, and paperback books. Those will be credited to the Hemingford Cat Shack, as the only participant in Hemingford.

Recycling volumes for all commodities the first quarter of 2012 by weight measured at 133,214 lbs. (66.60 tons). Commodities recycled between January – mid March of 2013 measured at 107,718 lbs. (53.85 tons). Cold weather and wind are always a concern this time of the year. With a little over two weeks to go until the end of March, there is still a possibility of overcoming the first quarter of last year.