Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Silica sand    South Dakota-based company Cambrian Enterprises says it has secured more than 600 acres of silica sand mining claims in three Black Hills counties.

Silica sands are used in fracking – hydraulic fracturing, which pumps water, minerals and chemicals into shale oil and gas formations at high pressure to open up the deposits for easier extraction.

If Cambrian Enterprises mines those claims, South Dakota will be the westernmost producer of silica sands in the U-S and the closest to the nation’s largest silica sand consumers, the Bakken and Three Forks oil fields.

Co-owner David Ganje says the company researched and reviewed the potential for silica sands in western South Dakota for roughly a year before settling on the claims in Custer, Lawrence and Pennington counties

  • Heather Andersen

    For Gods Sake!!!!! Find out what is happening to our environment in Wisconsin and Minnesota. This type of mining is destroying our land,water and air. Hundreds and hundreds of truck hauling sand on our roads; destroying the roads becoming a safety issue for traffic/diesel contamination. Respirable crystalline silica in the air around schools and homes next to these mines. Don’t let this happen to these hills.There are MANY grassroots organizations that will help in explaining what will really happen. Become informed!!!!!
    Heather Andersen