Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

Deb Fischer       Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer says she will not support the nomination of  former senator and fellow Republican Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense.

Fischer says she says appreciate’s Hagel’s service as an infantryman in Vietnam and as a United States senator, but that after meeting with him privately and witnessing what she calls his “confusing and contradictory testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee” confirmation hearing, she can’t support his nomination.

Citing what she calls some of his “controversial views” on Iran and Israel, she says Hagel changed changed these positions and argued before the committee that he now supports U.S. efforts to actively prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities.

Fischer says she’s even more troubled by Hagel’s insistence on holding positions that history has proven wrong, saying that “leadership requires the humility to admit being wrong.

She also says the Secretary of Defense needs organizational and budgetary expertise to effectively manage the world’s largest bureaucracy, which she says Hagel lacks.

Although he is a Republican, Hagel campaigned against Fischer and for Democrat Bob Kerrey during the closing weeks of last November’s election…where Fischer easily defeated Kerrey.

  • paul wills

    You all like to feed on your own, unless they follow your set in stone, jackboot, republican platform. I would take the word of a decorated vet like Mr.Hagel over an overfunded, wet behind the ears, bought and payed for one such as yourself. You can be thankful the majority of Nebr. voteters didn’t get the true scoop on you, thanks to the difference if campaign funding. Paul Wills