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Rischlings _ 2004

Alliance High Band Instructor Dave Rischling (left) will retire at the end of the current school year.

Rischling presented his letter of resignation at Monday night’s school board meeting.

He has been involved with the Alliance Public Schools Music Department for over 20 years.  He and his brother, Dick Rischling, along with their wives Shawna and Gretchen, were named Heritage Days grand marshals in 2004 in honor of the outstanding band programs they had built in Alliance … including the organization of the band’s trip to Washington, DC and New York City every four years, which began in 1988.

Rischling started teaching in Alliance in August of 1992, after his father, Bill Rischling, retired as the middle school band director.  Dave took the high school band in the fall, 2010,  after Dick’s retirement.

Rischling’s first teaching job was band and HS choir for Perkins County High School in Grant from 1979-1984,  then Bridgeport Public Schools band from 1984-1992.

“My future plans are to keep working,” he said.  “I would like to spend more time working as an insurance claims adjuster during storm seasons.  During the winter months I plan on spending time in my shop working on wood projects.  I also hope to find some time to go fishing again.”

Rischling says it has been a privilege to teach band for APS.

“Our students are the best,” he said.  “The support the band receives from the school and community makes Alliance a great place to teach band.”

Pictured above: Dave, Shawna, Gretchen, and Dick Rischling, honored as Heritage Days Grand Marshals in 2004.

  • Kathy Kampbell

    You have contributed so much to the band, both in middle school and high school. Your shoes will be hard to fill.

  • Pat Howell

    They talk about football dynasties. This is the end of a music dynasty here in Alliance. Your shoes WILL be hard to fill.

  • Brenda Flickinger

    So proud of Dave and Shawna- wonderful people and fantastic relatives. So proud of both of them!! Alliance should be proud to have u as part of their community and school! Love ya both!

  • Emily Moore

    I had the immense privilege of being an APS band student while the Rischlings were teaching. Dave endured me from 6th grade through freshman year and Dick dealt with me until after I graduated (DC band trip 2008!) Band will always and forever be my favorite memory from school. I have the utmost respect for both of these men and their wonderful wives! I don’t want to discourage the next instructor…but good luck living up to the Rischling Era! (I say this with a smile)

  • Cathe McCaffrey

    Dave, You have been far more than a teacher to our children. You have been an encourager, a supporter, a father figure, a butt kicker if needed, someone who expected them to do their best, a gentle, patient, tolerant, and loving man who has always seen their qualities and overlooked their weaknesses (unless it was necessary to quietly point them out). You have enabled Jake to shine and feel proud of himself when so many things are so difficult. You are the only person on this planet who could give him the courage to do a solo! You have been a role model of how to be as a human. Yes, you did a wonderful job of teaching them music, but you have taught them so much more than that. You will be deeply missed, Dave. I’m very happy for you, but very sad for our school district and our children. I will pray daily that God will send them someone who has deep integrity and the kind of commitment and vision that you have had. You have worked your butt off making this program the best along with Dick–we have got to find a way to try to find a quality person to keep the standards high. Thanks for the 6 years with Sarah and the 3 years with Jake. Much love from Cathe and the McCaffreys!