Posted 3 years ago

By Post Staff

The Nebraska State College System has posted on its website the formal responses by Chadron State College and former head football coach Bill O’Boyle to the NCAA Notice of Allegations of fundraising and other violations against O’Boyle and the football program.

Questions over money from a fundraising golf tournament that began in 2008 and bank accounts set up outside the college arose in mid-September 2011. The school self-reported apparent violations to the NCAA, O’Boyle was suspended as head coach, and the school announced in December 2011 that his contract would not be renewed.

Chadron State and the NSCS hired a firm for an internal investigation, then worked with the NCAA on a joint investigation that resulted in a final report issued in July of last year. The Notice of Allegations followed in September, with the responses from O’Boyle and the college filed with the NCAA last month on December 21. The NCAA has scheduled a hearing in the case before its Compliance Committee February 22nd in Indianapolis.

Chadron State, in its response, says that the school and the Nebraska State College System self-reported most of the violations and is in “substantial agreement” that the violations occurred, has fullfilled its obligation to cooperate with the NCAA staff, and has taken appropriate corrective and disciplinary measures.

The response also says that NSCS Chancellor Stan Carpenter, General Counsel and Vice Chancellor Kristin Peterson, recently retired CSC President Janie Park, current President Dr Randy Rhine, and other CSC staff will all attend the February 22nd hearing.

O’Boyle’s response says he accepts responsibility for the violations and his failure to take additional steps to educate himself on appropriated NCAA procedures, but also says he mistakenly believed his creation of bank accounts outside the college were permissible because AD and former head coach Brad Smith had actually started one of the accounts years before.

He does deny providing any intentionally false and misleading information to Park when questioned about the accounts on September 19, 2011, bu acknowledges he should have been “completely forthcoming” with information about all the accounts and made a complete disclosure about funds from a golf tournament even though he was not specifically asked about them.

O’Boyle also says that because the college administration and foundation had been told about and approved the golf tournament before it had first been held 3 years earlier, he mistakenly believed the activities were not prohibited.

O’Boyle says the past 15 months “have been the most traumatics times of my life (and) there is not a day that goe by that I don’t miss being the head football coach at Chadron State.” He says takes full responsibility for his conduct and mistakes, has tried his best to cooperate with everyone in the investigation, and  he will abide by all NCAA rules in the future.

O’Boyle concludes his response the NCAA by saying “coaching is my life, and I ask that you allow me to continue my coaching career.”